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    SEWA Darts: General Dart Topics

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     One Stop Destination for Dart News

    General Dart TopicsIf you are looking for the latest on darts bust-ups, beatings, wins and victories, we have it all.

    Here at SEWA Darts, we bring you the hottest news from darts sporting events and more. Read on for breaking news, stories, championship previews, top tips, features, columns and an in-depth look at the sport.

    If you follow only one resource to get your dart fix, this is it! Let’s dive right into the latest news and stats right here.

    Posted by Site_Admin on Wednesday, July 20 @ 06:51:04 UTC (1662 reads)
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     The psychology of practice

    General Dart Topicserik writes "Have you ever really thought about practice and how it impacts your darts?  Have you thought about practicing but really didn't want to record what you were doing?  Decided you didn't like a certain game?  Chose to change the rules to make it more  'fun'?

    I've been thinking about the psychology of practice for some time and one thing that keeps coming back to me is that it's very easy to succumb to the 'easy' or the negatives and very difficult at times to break through them.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, August 12 @ 20:19:05 UTC (2259 reads)
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     Habits and how they relate to darts.

    General Dart Topicserik writes "I've been thinking lately that the key to playing darts well are the habits we establish.  One, of course, can also say the key to NOT playing well is also the habits we form.

    For example the player who routinely kicks has a habit of kicking and thus is unstable at the line.  Just like the player who tosses his throwing arm to the left after each throw has a habit of doing so and likely misses to the left more than he/she should.  However, how often do we consider the good habits of playing darts?

    For example the player who routinely stays motionless at the oche except his/her throwing arm is likely to be very stable.  The player who has a habit of always releasing the same way every throw with the same follow through will likely have a very good average.

    I think the point here is to remember that there are good and bad habits and habits take both time to create and time to break.  So, if you are trying to improve your game take a look at your habits and ask yourself:  is this a good or bad habit?

    The good ones keep, the bad ones get rid of!

    Now, it is said that it takes 7 days to make a habit and 28 days to get rid of it...bear that in mind as you work to develop good habits and get rid of bad ones."

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, August 12 @ 20:18:39 UTC (2139 reads)
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     Getting Sponsored

    General Dart TopicsErik writes "It's often asked by up and coming tournament players (who are faced with the ever increasing cost of travel and the limited opportunity to earn said costs back at events): how do I get a sponsor?

    My main response usually centers around this theme:

    Don't ask "how do I get a sponsor" but rather "how can I sell your products?".

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, August 01 @ 15:02:50 UTC (7205 reads)
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     Three Times Two

    General Dart TopicsCharis writes "
     Once again this year I travelled to the UK Open in Bolton - better at Horwich Parkway near Bolton. The weather was outstanding - warm, blue sky, sunshine. I never had better weather here!

     But the weather had a big disadvantage too - in the Reebok stadium it was even warmer then usually, it was disagreeable warm and the hugh number of spectators made it even warmer. It was crowded more crowded then the last years I felt and it was almost impossible to really follow the matches. Only the matches on the main stage could be seen from every where. It would have been important to secure yourself a place in front on one of the boards but I was too late for this and only was able to follow the Preliminary Round matches of Bernd Roith and Maik Langendorf from row 5 or six. Both had no problems at all and were cheered by several German fans. I fought my way further on to watch Tomas Seyler who played not successful at all against Jason Wilson. Beside I followed the close match between Conan Whitehead and Roland Scholten on the main stage and saw how James Wade on one of the neighbouring got an easy win against his first round opponent.

    Posted by site_admin on Monday, June 17 @ 18:04:30 UTC (4210 reads)
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     The long road back to 'fun' darts.

    General Dart TopicsErik writes "For the longest time I wanted to compete in BIG tournaments. The Lucky Lites Strike tournaments of the '80's were driving me to throw more and more and pushing me to improve my game constantly. Then I moved back to Canada and there I found a different driving force: Team BC. I worked at my game and tried to push myself to get better all the time.

    A return to the US and several years of off-again on-again darts found me driving for competition again and a return to tournaments (The Oregon Open in 2003 or 2004) really wet my appetite for competitive darts. I believe my match with Wade Wilcox (you'd probably read about it here years ago) was the catalyst. I knew I could beat him, I just didn't and THAT is what drives me as a competitive player: the chance to win, to beat someone I see as a better player."

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, April 10 @ 10:33:31 UTC (6071 reads)
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     Dartslive in London

    General Dart TopicsCharis writes "
    During the last PDC World Championship in the Alexandra Palace in London four Dartslive automats were presented to the crowd.

    The Company Dartslive Asia was founded in 2009 by Steve Ngu in Hong Kong. 2011 the launch of Dartslive International followed. In the same year the “World” tournament series for the first time was played on the Dartslive soft-dart machines in Hong Kong. The series consists of eight events and the Gran Final for which the top players from the ranking and qualifiers from a special qualifying tournament qualify. The price money for the winner of the Grand Final is 1 000 000 Hong Kong Dollars, that’s around 82 723 British pound or 128 938 US Dollar – the highest price money ever for a soft-dart tournament.  It’s exceeded only by the PDC price money for the World Championship winner. Of course that aroused the interest of the dartplayers and especially a lot of players from North America traveled to Hong Kong among them players like John Part (who won an event), Ray Carver, David Fatum and Chris White. The Grand Final 2011 was won by Paul Lim which even enhanced the interest in the tournament series in the USA where Paul Lim is one of the legends of the sport and highly popular.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, February 12 @ 11:00:06 UTC (3920 reads)
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     My Interview With American Dart Pro Anne 'Sleepy' Kramer

    General Dart Topicsdavidsproull writes "The following is an interview I did with Anne Kramer which was originally published on my Blog.  The interview was conducted around Christmas time 2012.   It is here in it's entirety. 

    Darts is a big deal in the United Kingdom with televised games and well attended events and a strong system for producing talent at the local levels.In North America, it is certainly not so much so. While it does seem to simmer away nicely at a certain level it seems unable to shake itself free of all it's stigmas or to otherwise plant itself into the broader consciousness of North Americans or to break through in terms of popularity.That being said, there are some people in Canada and the United States who are excellent players, and some that are not so good but enjoy a good night out and everything in between.Luckily for us and for the game of darts some of those players offer the game a glimmer of hope as ambassadors of the game. One of these players, and someone who is among the higher ranked in the game is American darts professional Anne 'Sleepy' Kramer.Anne does such a good job of representing darts that she has signed on with Shot darts as one of their ambassadors.Anne was kind enough to agree to an interview and this is how it went.

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, February 07 @ 17:04:49 UTC (4516 reads)
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     The Big Adventure - Part 3, Interview with Steven

    General Dart TopicsCharis writes "
    Was it your first long flight and did you like it?

     Yes it was my first flight liked most of it. I was very scared at first but got use to it as time went on.

    Where did you stay in Shanghai– was it some kind of hostel or a hotel?

    It was at the youth sports hostel.

    Did all youth players and coaches stay at the same place?

     All the players stayed there, but some coaches stayed at a hotel a little ways away.

    And where did you play darts? At the accommodation as well?

     Yes at the location where we slept.

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, September 20 @ 09:55:26 UTC (2358 reads)
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     The Big Adventure 1 - Puma Darts Youth Summer Camp 2012

    General Dart TopicsCharis writes "The Puma Darts Youth Summer Camp will take place for the first time in 2012. It was initiated by the Shanghai Xu Hui Regional Government and takes place in Shanghai. Darts is considered in China a prolific sport. In around 20 schools there exist darts programs and the pupils are coached by special darts coaches. As one can read some of the youth show already outstanding performances."

    Posted by site_admin on Friday, August 17 @ 09:25:51 UTC (2914 reads)
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