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    Dartplayer Dot Net :: View topic - Replay - The Battle of the Birthday Boys
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    Replay - The Battle of the Birthday Boys

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    Author Message

    Joined: Apr 05, 2006
    Posts: 8458
    Location: Victoria, BC, Hoofhearted Stables

    PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:59 pm    Post subject: Replay - The Battle of the Birthday Boys Reply with quote

    Erik made a big mistake tonight, lol - he said he couldn't remember the time he and Skiz battled it out in the Cricket Canyons..... so, here it is, one of my favourites -

    Commander SkizBomber awaited the arrival of the easily recognizable Black and Yellow tanks of the QueenBee.... binoculars in hand, he scanned the sands, then double checked his watch against the time of the arranged confrontation. The assigned time was past, the horizon was empty.

    Then the ground shook and the air hummed, but not from in front of SkizBomber, but from behind and slightly to the right.... okay, a lot to the right....

    "Can't be QueenBee" muttered SkizBomber, "we worked out this arrangement so that our gunnery skills would be the deciding factor, not any trickery.... who could be THAT far off to the right....??!!"

    Cresting the nearest ridgeline, sporting the logo of the US Marine Corps, came the proud tank of The Commandant.

    "Hey, this spot's taken", SkizBomber yelled and waved Erik off. The Commandant's machine and its followers behind rumbled to a noisy halt.

    "I'm here to fight some BadAss, or somebody" called back Erik. "Seen him?!"

    "Nah, and my opponent is a tad tardy too!", answered Skiz.

    Both Commanders dismounted and paced the sands between the armoured behemoths, anxious for battle and finding none.

    "Cool tank", ventured SkizBomber.

    "Thanks, yours too", replied Erik. "Darci kept telling me that pink is a great colour for the beach, and I kept telling her there was no water, so there was no way!", chuckled The Commandant. "What's that logo under your turret there?"

    "That's the Patriot logo", Skiz told him.

    "You shouldn't use that" commented Erik, "I am The Patriot."

    "Yeah, but I love the Patriots and I can put it on my tank if I want", came back Skiz.

    "Listen, there is only one Patriot", Erik growled, "and I am Him!" With that, The Commandant picked up a rock and hucked it at Skiz' machine.


    "You may be A Patriot, but I am a BIG supporter of the Patriots and I can paint whatever I want on my tank!" Skiz sent a largish stone of his own careening off of Erik's camouflage.

    "Oh, no, you did not just do that...." muttered Erik and he searched the ground around his feet for something more to throw. He grabbed a decent sized chunk of something that used to belong to a camel and looked up in time to see Skiz clambering back inside his tank's turret.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh CRAP!" yelled The Commandant and he bolted for his own heavy metal home.

    Treads spun, sand flew, mayhem ensued. Monstrous machines raced in unpredictable patterns in too-close quarters and jockeyed for position without turning their less-armoured sides to the opponent.

    Brown and tan paint disappeared over one hill while three more tanks jumped over another. Two roared back up into view on one side, and four formed a wedge of barrels off to the left. Erik stayed firmly stationed on the right throughout it all.

    Commander SkizBomber issued orders over his radio and coordinated a thrust into the Commandant's weaker left side. "I doubt he even knows he HAS a left side" snickered Skiz. Five booms were answered by five blasts of exploding metal in Canyon 17.

    The Marine Commandant heard but replied by plowing a large number of his tanks deep into Skiz's Canyon 19, destroying a whopping six of the Brown and Tan Abrams!

    Each trying to outguess then outmaneuver the other, the two Battle Leaders bellowed intricate instructions to their drivers. Skiz forced through to the center of the encounter and blasted away at the Bulls.... but only brought two tanks into his sights successfully.

    Erik was certain that he would find success at Canyon 20 but near misses pounded sand alone, and he came away with but one kill.

    "Seventeens you want, then seventeens you'll get," grumbled The Commandant as he sent a pair of outlying squadrons to converge on SkizBomber's Canyon. There Erik found great success, obliterating three of the Skiz' tanks with each pincer.

    Commander SkizBomber's Abram was at that precise moment becoming momentarily airborne as he broke free of the sisalled sands just at the mouth of Erik's 20 Canyon. The speed of his tanks bought him enough time to descend upon six of the Marine machines before they could react, reducing them to so much scrap iron.

    Suddenly, it was quiet.... the wind tossed the remaining disturbed sand about, but without the roar of engine and treads. Turret tops popped open and in front of Canyon 15, Erik's binoculars looked almost dead into Skiz' binoculars. "Ohhhhhhhhh CRAP!" yelled both Commanders this time, and steel shields slammed shut just at the instant when two salvos shot across the short space separating the two steeds!

    While the masterminds survived, four of Skiz' tanks blew apart and three of Erik's followed suit.

    In that cacophony, one squad of Abrams with the logo of the New England Patriots roared across the mouth of the Commandant's Canyon 19 and took deadly aim, firing shells into three tanks of The Patriot.

    When the dust finally settled once and for all on this engagement, Erik had lost 19 of his machines, while 17 Abrams failed to return to Skiz' base. Patriots all.

    My darts were born of father's play, decades later to leagues then led.
    Though others helped, I can safely say, my darting life is SEWA bred.

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    Senior Moderator Team SEWA Original
    Senior Moderator Team SEWA Original

    Joined: Jan 05, 2006
    Posts: 6841
    Location: Houston, Wehaveaproblem, Texas

    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Cricket Canyons a BH Classic
    The Kop End:Anfield
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