'Yu' Really need a set of these!

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Erik, May 11, 2018.

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    I've been playing with the Shot Ronin Yu darts for the last couple of weeks or so and have to admit that I really like this dart! As I've said before, there are certain darts that are unique enough that they just sort of stick out as a great dart for all time and the Ronin Yu is no exception. It's simply a great dart with a fantastic grip, aesthetics and feel and flies to the board the way you want all darts to! They are a positive feel dart that will give you confidence in your throw. No doubt about it!

    I'll be honest, the individual that wins these darts (Competition coming soon) will be disappointed int he flights as they have been abused a little more than normal for me in a 'give-away' darts! It's just that I like these so much I didn't even change out the flights! I just kept putting them in the board :)

    To be fair, they aren't laser guided and I wasn't able to just throw dead-eye's with them over and over again LOL but honestly, they are fantastic arrows folks.

    The barrels taper very nicely resulting in less violent deflections when one dart rides in against another and that is a key component to a good competition dart if you ask me! The front of the barrels are also well tapered and the grip is fantastic (have I used that word too often? Too Bad!)

    All in all I give these darts very high marks and would love to have a set for myself! It may be time to rethink the grip on my own dart now as I'm really feeling this one. It's so positive it's comforting.

    I highly recommend that you check out Shot Darts for yourself and keep an eye on the site as I'll be giving these (now slightly used -- like all of my review darts) away soon!

    YU really want a set! Trust me :)

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