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    I've been thinking allot about practice and why we shoot certain practice games or routines and recently came across an old post here that really sums it up well for me (and I wrote it 11 years ago!)....in response to a post by user Taechon I wrote: In my opinion, for what its worth, {when shooting 100 darts at the 20's] the [score of] 107 represents your low end results and the 151 represents your current high. Both are decent scores, but the 151 suggests a capability of very high quality darts. The 107 suggests you are human and cannot always play at 100%.

    The problem with darts is that we are human and we cannot throw with the precision of a rifle -- which still isn't perfect. When I was in the Marine Corps I used to be able to put rounds down range with a very high degree of accuracy, but that didn't mean that I hit the same holes each time -- though I could often 'keyhole' rounds. But that's with a rifle which is far more likely to be nearly perfect -- when compared to a dart!

    With darts there are so many factors involved that even the very best dart players shoot their darts in more of a shotgun pattern -- albeit Phil Taylor's pattern is extremely tight. Thus being human, we will have good rounds and not so good rounds.

    The 100 darts practice is just that, practice, and does not represent what we will do in competition, it only provides us with a means to improving our throwing mechanics, our grouping.

    Think of it like choking a shotgun -- we are trying to choke it up as tight as we can, but sometimes wires, flights, barrels, elbows, shirts, smoke and who knows what else, gets in the way. So we just have to keep banging away until we get that group to the size of a quarter and try to keep it there.

    Lastly, if you just happen to have a poor run it could be related to focus, luck, or just being human. It's the good runs that I focus on because they tell me what my potential is. That is better then an average in my opinion, because an average doesn't say what you can do. A very consistent player may average 100 with a high of 110 and a low of 90 whereas a less consistent player (in practice) may actually have a high of 125 and a low of 80 and only average slightly better then the first player -- but his or her potential is clearly higher and given the right circumstances will likely prevail due to the effects of high energy and a positive attitude feeding an emotional high which results in a maximum shot.

    Make sense?
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, Jul 7, 2017.

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