What are the right reasons to get new darts?

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by NotreDan, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. NotreDan

    NotreDan New Member

    I am contemplating getting a new set of darts. The set I have now are the ones that I started with 5 years ago.

    I read these forums and I know that George will say "why are you getting new darts" with the implication that darts won't improve your accuracy, only more practice will do that.

    So, what are legitimate reasons for new darts?

    I am considering new darts for three reasons:

    1. I can throw a thinner dart comfortably based on throwing some friends darts, so all things equal it seems a thinner dart is better.

    2. I have found that I don't need all the knurling and grooves that I currently have, so all things equal it seems less grooves means less for other darts to catch.

    3. I tend to push the dart, so I have had some interest in whether a scalloped design would feel more comfortable, but at least a design that would make sure my finger placement is the exact same every time. My current darts are straight with a repetitive groove/knurl pattern.

    Am I tempting fate by considering new darts? I am shooting as well as I ever have, and I know that my current darts are fine. I have read some horror stories on this board about people cycling through dozens of sets of darts and I don't want to get caught up in that. I do know that the darts aren't going to improve my accuracy.

    Any advice?
  2. Shannonmiles

    Shannonmiles Active Member

    I say go for it and anyone that says otherwise can take a hike lol You have the same set for 5 years (which you started playing with)and want to try something different. You don't have to have an excuse you just have to have a few bucks. When you start switching darts mid game you might want to reevaluate but until then experiment until you find a dart you are truly comfortable with. I understand a poor carpenter blames his tools but..... a good carpenter also uses the tool that fits best in his hand.
  3. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I believe the dart must feel right in the hand or you won't spend the time getting it to 'hit the hole' as George might say.
  4. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    a good carpenter also uses the tool that fits best in his hand is some great advice from SM
    I believe you have to mentally make sure you are using the best setup you can. Part of that is trying and making sure you throw your best with the set you have chosen.
    I used to change my setup/darts all the time. It was part of my development. Figuring out which set and why was very important to me.
    The game is a game of very small increments and any tiny thing that makes a difference should be considered.
    What you don't want to do is when you decide on a set /setup to change it just because of a bad run or set of games. Believe in what you have decided and stick to it. Otherwise you run the risk of doubt and getting into a change for the sake of changing habit.
  5. habanerojooz

    habanerojooz New Member

    3 good, legitimate reasons to get new darts.

    1. You want a new set.
    2. You can afford a new set.
    3. A new set would make you happy.

    Some who consider their stroke to be based on a 'push' motion, often like barrel grip based on a reverse cut/shark cut/christmas tree cut.
  6. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    ND, you look to be going about the reasoning perfectly - you are considering your mechanics and throw and grip and deciding which style of dart best suits them. Excellent.

    Trying out friends' or stores' darts as much as you can will do some eliminating for you. Looking online at all your options gives you further ideas. I've bot some online only to throw them twice and say, "Nope."

    I would personally counsel against scallops - overtime my finger placement has changed, without me even noticing. I did try the Purist scallop for exactly the same reason you said, but if your fingers aren't in the exact same line (diameter of the barrel), you can't throw straight.

    From what you said, I would find a smooth, thin dart in the weight you now have and see what happens. As for tempting fate, unless you are at your perceived highest level, keep trying things to improve. And as Jooz says, put a smile on your face.
  7. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator


    oh and Amen :)
  8. NotreDan

    NotreDan New Member

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
  9. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    What are the right reasons to get new darts?

    Because they're shiny? [​IMG]
  11. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    A dart that does not feel quite right can be distraction enough.

    But might I point out that many of the best players the world over (most in fact) have their own dart. Why? Because one size does not fit all ;)
  12. WestVirginia

    WestVirginia New Member

    Playing. Visiting forums, watching youtube dart vids. Contemplating new darts, doing research, comparing and actually buying. Its all part of the fun.

  13. 1s_Closed

    1s_Closed New Member

    Considering i'm new here and just bought another new set....

    You buy them because you want them, no other reason. Even if you have 20 sets that you throw with the greatest accuracy...

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