Vertical Frustration

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Hooked, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Hooked

    Hooked New Member

    After watching the pros and semi-pros shoot, it became obvious that they seldom miss hitting at least a single twenty. Resulting in their low scores of 60.

    I practice 2 hours a day and I have figured out how to hit the triples 20% of the time but I typically push it over into the 5's. Therefore my current precision has caused an unwanted plateau.

    Over the last week I have tried changing my stance, grip and spot on the line but nothing has worked as I think my muscle memory has years of bad DNA. Feeling defeated at the moment and have come here for your help.

    Although I wish for a quick fix, I am willing to dedicate many hours to resolve this.

    Any advice to become the accurate vertical phenom I want to be?
  2. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    As a right handed shooter (not sure that matters) I find that keeping my elbow tucked in helps to keep the darts on the right vertical plane.

    Something to think about.
  3. Hooked

    Hooked New Member

    Erik you are right. I often feel my elbow flare out to the left. Usually when I begin my thrust forward.
  4. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    I am struggling with that now. Its irritating. I am officially the King of wrong Trips LOL. I am not too worried about it. Its a small adjustment somewhere. Right now I am blaming the changing seasons LOL.
  5. Hooked

    Hooked New Member

    KING of Wrong Trips! Too funny.

    Believe me, I can relate.
  6. Hooked

    Hooked New Member


    My partner noticed that my usual steady at the line form was being replaced with my lifting the heel of my leading foot and thereby leaning more towards the 5's.

    I paid attention to his advice and it helped last nite ... but my challenging for the 'King of the Wrong Trips' crown has been occurring for a very long time.
  7. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Tuck that elbow in and work on it ;) It should help.

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