UPDATE – 2018 US Team National Final – Denver

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    With the cutoff date last Friday, here is the complete and final list of players eligible to buy in to the US Team National Final. This is based on the final 2017 ADO Rankings, and the current (as of October 5, 2018) ADO Rankings.

    Some of these players have qualified via the National Qualifiers, while others have already confirmed their intentions, but this is the complete list. If you haven’t already responded, please contact ADO Office Manager Steve Brown. The cost for participation is $150.

    The US Team National Final advances players to the US Team competing in the 2019 WDF World Cup in Bucharest, Romania.

    MEN MEN (Cont) WOMEN WOMEN (Cont)
    Joe Chaney Bruce Robbins Paula Murphy Brittany Buzzell
    Larry Butler Jim Fitzsimmons Lisa Ayers Melissa Jalbert
    Tom Sawyer J.D. Newman Stacey Pace Julie Phillips
    Leonard Gates Bill Anderson Jr Cali West Laine Lyzak
    Jim Widmayer Scott Estle Robin Curry Holly Young
    David Walsh Charlie Harrison Sandy Hudson Jammie Campbell
    Robbie Phillips Dayton Strawbridge Brenda Roush Jennifer Lyzak
    Darin Young Geoff Miller Bette Cunningham Pam Briggs
    Kris Swift Jon Foreman Marlise Kiel Marie McHugh
    James Kinney Morgan Dotson Sandy Haas Tanja Farmer
    Avery Barry Mike Foster Renee Ripol Shea Cole
    Aaron Jalbert Eric Huhtala Melissa Wright Dorothy Spencer
    Tom Curtin Joe Huffman Patty Walz Tammy Kasperzick
    Timmy Nicoll Josh Decker Kay Hoover Jennifer Cocchi
    Danny Pace Alex Reyes Mary-Margaret Satterfield Valorie Olson
    Mike Rountree Jeff Roy Shannon Vitale Debbie Ivey
    Jay Waugh Stephen Phillips Stitches Preciado Kaytee Peek
    Jacob Womack Broc Lawrence Tracy Feiertag Sharon Morande
    Dominic Pagnozzi Dan Naylor Rica Verano Jami Quick
    Matt Smooke Danny Baggish Dani Warmack
    Kevin Luke Gene Walts April Leonard
    Patrick Kithi Eric Gregory Donna Lemieux

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