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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by jen_weekes, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Now I finally have plenty of time to practice at home, hah, so would like to change my routine a bit.
    Been playing with soft tips (Lippoints), but decided recently that I really want to get some steel tips and give it try. Guess my question is should I be looking at something that the same or similar weight as my soft tip set? Anything else I should keep in mind?

    upd: thanks for your expertise, gents! Ordered a set of 24 gr CUESOUL, waiting for a package. Will post my feedback on them as soon as I get these.
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    Great question! Sorry for the late response!

    It's really tough to answer though ;) For those who plan on sticking with soft as the main league or competition source I'd say stick with the same weight if possible. For those wanting to move into the steel world more and less of soft, fee free to play with whatever feels right. Beyond that I'd just say get a simple, inexpensive set of steal tips or even just get some conversions for your soft darts and stick with that to start.

    Then try the SEWA Practice routines
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    I’m with Erik in suggesting the conversions. Then I might suggest a dart same or similar design. Shot darts as well as many other manufacturers offer the same model in both soft and steel. They are not exactly the same but may be similar enough. Same dart, same stroke ideal.
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    Hi Guys, this lock down really sucks but hey my darts is improving, lol. I am lucky that I have both a steel tip board and A Hi-Darts Soft tip board that I bought just before Christmas 2019 to play on.
    The soft tip board links to the internet so I get to play with some really good players from all over the world which breaks the boredom of lock down .

    My steel Darts were top quality 28.3 Gram darts made by Custom made darts in the UK and they are great but when I switched to my soft tip darts it was a problem between the two formats as my steel tips were too heavy for the soft tip format and I could not convert them in any case, lol.

    I thought to myself well I will design myself some darts and have them made (darts for both formats) as I had tried loads and nothing worked for me, the Simon Whitlock soft tips were almost right but not quite for the steel tip.
    I am worse than Peter Wright for tinkering (but I do not have his talent, lol)

    Anyway I asked Tony at Custom made darts to Make me some torpedo shaped darts with the same balance point as my 28.3 Gram darts he made me but instead of the 7.85mm barrel I wanted a Barrel 6.9mm in diameter 40mm long but the barrel alone to weigh 20 grams with a very simple ring grip.

    This size and weight could only be achieved by making the darts in the M3 style with the Barrels having external threads, he made the darts exactly as I wanted them and I had already bought the 35mm M3 stems and the 37mm M3 screw on points from Empire darts to fit to the darts when they arrived to balance them perfectly to stick in the board almost Flat.

    The result is fantastic for me and I am hitting more 180s than I have ever hit before and my confidence on doubling has improved too.

    I can also used the darts in Soft tip along with the Robson plus moulded Flights in the Kite shape.
    The feel of these 95% Tungsten M3 darts is great for me as the barrel seems tiny but the weight is more condensed, the centre of gravity seems pushed to the outside and the Bull and the darts are like magnets in both formats.

    These are my new match darts when I need to be serious but I still enjoy throwing my 28.3 gram darts with the Tiny Taylor Flights from time to time when I get bored.

    I have just got some 18 Gram 5.8mm width Darts 50mm 2BA Barrel darts from Custom made darts too, and fitted with Super kite Cosmo flights they are great on the soft tip board. I love to throw different darts in Practice to keep my focus fresh.

    I am so impressed with the M3 darts that I had made for me in the UK by Custom made darts that I have picked up a couple of mass produced sets on Ebay in Germany for half the price of buying them new with the aim to let my darts Buddies here in Portugal (who love long skinny darts) to try them.

    Both sets I picked up are 90% Tungsten (one steel tip set and the other Soft tip convertible) are both 54mm long Barrels and steel tip 5.5mm thick and 20 Gram, The soft tip convertible darts are 20 gram soft tip set up and 22G when set up for steel tip with a very thin 5.65mm Barrel both sets of darts are great quality too.

    Martin Adams used and still uses these M3 style (External Thread) Darts he had them Handmade by a guy in Germany called Jochen Weissman.

    Anyway I am loving the darts and soon we should be out of this lockdown (well most of us anyway) Time will tell... Stay safe from this Kung Flu.
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