There is NO best online darts retailer!

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    Where is the best place to buy darts? What is the best Internet seller? Should you buy from the UK or should you buy from US retailers? There has been a lot of online discussion in the last couple of years about this topic, and frankly, the discussion is a waste of time. People are just wasting their time arguing. There is one simple answer to all of the above questions. The answer is -The best seller is the seller that can supply you with the item you want at terms you can accept. It’s that simple.

    I think back to when I was in high school in Seattle. Back then, before the Internet, before personal computers, you used the newspaper and your feet to shop for cars. Back then, kids didn’t argue about which car lot gave the best prices. Kids didn’t get a newspaper from Portland, Oregon, and compare used car prices with those in Seattle. What you did was go out, look at a car, and talk to the owner if it was a private seller, or to a salesman if the car was in a car lot. You then decided if the asking price was acceptable for you. If you felt the price was too high, then you kept shopping. If the price was acceptable, you bought the car. You didn’t complain to everyone you knew that used car lot A was selling cars for more than car lot B. If you liked a car at car lot A, you simply told the salesman at car lot A the price that car lot B was offering for a similar car. If car lot A’s salesman couldn’t match the price, you simply went to car lot B and bought the car. Simple. End of story. Car lot A doesn’t need your business. Other shoppers will not care at all about car lot B. Car lot A will survive, and sell cars because there are people who can accept their terms.

    It’s the same for online darts sellers now. Just as car lot A above will have customers, online darts sellers who offer goods at “higher” prices will have customers. For the simple fact that there will be people who can accept the prices and service terms. Every consumer knows what they want, the price they are willing to pay, and the service they require. To boil it all down to dollars and cents is too simplistic. If everyone made decisions based solely on dollar amount, you could argue that darts would not exist outside the home. How much does it cost to play a game of darts at home versus a pub? Let’s all stop playing darts at pubs! They are ripping us off!
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    Lately I've been "buying local". We don't have a "dart store" in our city, but there is a Billiard store that has a decent selection. But one of our local dart players decided to start selling dart supplies. He started supplying bars with cabinets and a selection of flights, shafts, barrels, etc. He doesn't have a brick and mortar store but he sets up "shop" and puts up displays at a local bar each week for their big blind draw. He has also set up at a few local dart tournaments and has a similar setup to what you'd see at a big dart tournament. His prices are actually really fair and if you can find it online, he can usually get it for you and his price is really close to what you're going to pay to order plus shipping, so I like getting stuff from him. In doing so, I'm supporting a local business and a friend and still getting exactly what I could from an online store (but I actually get to hold it or even try it out before buying it).
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    Folks always used to do that and often started their stores that way.
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    Most large online retailers are basically just a warehouse. When I was in golf we always dealt with similar issues. In the beginning it was fellow pros with competing prices. We would just send our clients to them to buy. Each pro had different agreements and terms with the equipment implant and thereby had different pricing. Some would take early payment discounts on invoices and pass on savings others wouldn’t. Personally I have had really good experiences with A to Z from the first phone call when I was looking for an obscure DMI Revolution flight to the more recent online no “contact” sale. Since the only places local for me are big box retailers I will continue to shop online but with this type of company. I also plan on patronizing Dutchman darts. I’ve checked out the website and will sonn

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