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    In my opinion there are three different scenarios that come up when finishing 501.
    So I came up with a routine for each...just like body building for example I belive 501 has different aspects that need to be focused on individually and daily to create a complete package. I felt the best way to do that was to make a daily plan to cover all aspects of the game....the daily plan is in routine #3 ...these routines build on each other for example the most basic out would be any even number 40 or bellow(routine#1)...if you miss that number you need to seamlessly move to the next shot (routine #2) the final progression of finishing is taking out a multi shot out,in other words an out that requires a route, not an even number less than 41. The route should be memorized and practiced enough that muscle memory takes over....the muscle memory also includes your ability to recognize for example where and what position a missed dart is in the board so you know exactly what it takes to "sneak" the following dart (s) in the double bed....
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    Always good to try to plan out why and what to practice. How's things now?

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