Slow motion video's of pro dart players throw...

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    I met Roland several years ago in Atlanta at the old Peach Tree tournament. He was very nice. A true gentleman.
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    Most of the pros were when I was playing and going to tournaments. At the LVDC the only one who seemed a little to 'disinterested' in meeting people was Peter Manley. Of course we hung out with John Part and Bob Anderson (both members of the site too) and others and it was a great time but even those I didn't know were always gracious.
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    I think great sportsmen are that way. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting a few, golfers all of them! They are called professionals because the earn money but they are true amateurs because they would do it anyway for the love of it. Simon Whitlock smiled and clapped when Peter Wright went out from 120 in him. Good form!
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