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    This nice looking, simple wall mount for iPads is what they use for the PDC Asian qualifier at G Club in Taipei. It is simply a picture frame with the top cut off. It is very easy to slip an iPad in and out of the frame from the top. It is also very easy to take the frame off the wall. The use of picture frames with the tops cut off is nice, but the way they mount them on the wall is pretty lame. I don't like the hook system they use. I would do it differently. Plus, the wall only has a single horizontal zip tie, but the frame has double hooks. It works, but when you take the frame off of the wall, the zip tie arrangement is pretty ugly. 20190615_210407.jpg 20190615_210412.jpg 20190615_210418.jpg 20190615_210526_Fotor.jpg 20190615_210537.jpg
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    Smart. Thanks for sharing!
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    Small error here. The frame mount is a permanent mount at the venue. Temporary mounts for the Asian Qualifier and Asian tour look like this. iPads are placed on the mounts shown below.

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    Love it Ducks!!! Great job.
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    They screwed four iPad frames directly into wall for the four other permanent steel boards. I'm standing in the cage next to the the fourth board. 20190630_170640.jpg 20190630_170609.jpg

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