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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Erik, May 4, 2018.

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    Shot's Ronin line of darts is impressive from the unique grips to the striking graphics but what a dart really needs is balance, consistent weight, the right feel and that confidence building solid impact that is repeatable.

    Does that sound crazy? It's just a dart right? Not to me! Darts are almost living objects that I feel in the hand and the right dart is like an extension of the body as it flies from the release to the impact. If it's the right dart it will hit in the right place, over and over again. The Ronin Yu does that for me.

    20180430_093423 (800x600).jpg
    Literally my first 3 darts were triple 20, triple 20, single 20 right above the bed! It wasn't but a few throws later I hit a Ton 80 and then did it again shortly thereafter. I liked the grip and the feel of these darts and they just worked for me.

    I must admit, after the REI's I wasn't sure I'd like the grip of the YU, after all, how could any dart have a comparable grip to the REI? I was mistaken! The YU has a fantastic grip like sandpaper in the hand and there is zero chance your fingers will slip with this dart. It's perfect.

    The transition from stem to barrel is smooth with a slight taper allowing the income dart to ride up the barrel just the way my own darts were designed. This is a nice feature for someone worried about deflections and the front of the barrel on my 20 gram soft tip version is the same.

    I'll play with these a while longer to see how I get on with them over the long haul but so far I have to say Shot has impressed me again with a very fine dart that I would recommend to everyone! Don't be shy, check them out, you won't be disappointed.


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