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    Just a reminder that the World Darts Federation is now accepting applications for WDF-ranked tournaments in 2018, both senior and youth. As with BDO ranking, these apply to the 501 singles events only.

    There are to be separate events for men and women. There are no sanctioning fees required for WDF ranking, but there is a $2 per player surcharge payable after the event – for senior events only.

    Separate events should be scheduled for boys’ and girls’ events, although they can be combined into a single “open” event should there be insufficient entries for the two separate events. There must be a minimum of four players in an event for WDF rankings to be awarded. There are no fees or surcharges for youth events.

    All ranking applications are to be made by the National body, so the ADO will submit all applications for American tournaments. Applications for senior and youth events are to be made to the ADO separately. A maximum of TWELVE senior events per year can be WDF ranked, and a maximum of TWELVE youth events per year can be ranked. Should we receive more than twelve applications in either category, the ADO will select the events to receive WDF ranking.

    At the end of the calendar year, the WDF publishes Regional (ours is the North American table, with the USA and Canada combined) points tables, with separate tables for men, women, boys, and girls. The top three placings in each category receive monetary awards.

    ALL TOURNAMENTS HOSTING ADO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS ARE TO BE RANKED BY BOTH THE WDF AND BDO. In 2018, that is the NODOR-Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open (January 19-21), Charlotte Open (April 13-15), and Colorado Open (November 2-4).


    For senior applications, please submit here

    For youth tournament applications, please submit here

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