Reason to be upset?

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Ar15, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. coulomp

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    For me its simple, You never seen a person with more poinst lose have you ?
    the more 20's or 19's I can start with the better :D
  2. LBD

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    I don't play soft tip but three way cricket sounds like a terrible game to me unless it's cut throat. Why would you play a game in which you give half the power of the game to a third team? makes no sense to me.

    I used to be a fairly poor cricket player winning about 50% of legs played against weaker opponents and losing most of them against equal opponents. Then I changed my strategy and have had one undefeated season and another in which I was 19 and 2.

    Yes I have had people get upset at me for pointing but that's usually cause they lose. I have had many opportunity at the end of a very cricket match that was VERY VERY close in points to either go for the 2 bulls I need for the win or point and then go for the bulls. I could swear every time I went for the two bulls I would lose as the other player would drop several bulls and then bury their last dart in my triple for the win. Every time I point first then go for the bulls I win.

    I once had a weaker player out point me by several hundred points and my whole team was upset cause the pointing was obsessive. honestly it didn't bother me cause I was kinda flattered that he thought he needed that many points to beat me and I really think he was afraid if he didn't have that many he would lose.

    your welcome to get upset about whatever you want just realize it usually won't help you win. your time is better spent getting better and playing smart darts.

    If the game is rigged... Don't play! It's your choice.
  3. 1s_Closed

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    This used to upset me till I realized that I could do the same to them and that it just prolonged the game. It gave me an opportunity to improve my game and come up with a strategy to beating them.

    It doesnt bother me now... if they point, I point till i have more then they do. It goes back and forth till they mess up and dont point, then you point with one dart and throw two at open numbers till you close their ability to point.

    Sure they have the same strategy but i've come back from being behind 100 or more points just doing it back to them.

    I ask them also if they are here to play darts or practice math... you know... to get under their skin a bit.... trash talk....

    It drove me crazy but now... eh.... dont care anymore. It's not my favorite game now only because it takes so long to finish....

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