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    Some nights I was good. Not losing a match, despite the 1’s and 5’s. I felt confident pegging, even if my journey to a double wasn’t smooth, or took an unusual route. And it was on one of these nights that the penny dropped when I hit a 13 darter. I was never going to hit less than that if I didn’t know how to count. 140, 180, 60 and I went to the oche and threw at 17, because I had time to think through 51, 50/20, D10/DB. I didn’t have time to think what to play on 104 when I got a single, so stayed for 51, and had to be told 53 remaining.

    So I wrote myself an out-chart. I stuck it up in the dart room. That didn’t work. Kept looking at the chart and not memorising the combinations. So then I would practice 61 = 45/15, D8/14, D16. But things got fuzzy past 63. I wrote the outs in a journal, and all the combinations of single, triple and doubles. And still when I got to the oche I was calculating numbers. Counting down in 6’s until I got to a good out. But the odds were difficult. So I made flash cards and look at them on the bus. Then I simplified them to just the single. 67 = 17, 77 = 19, 84 = 16. But nothing compared to standing in front of a board and trying to take them out, from 61 to 98. I know, I am a genius. Just not that smart. I gave myself three darts to take out each number, or start again until I had. I was also using a champions choice dartboard, so it took a loooong time and I usually finished at 80, and did 80 to 100 in another session.

    About the same time I registered with the darts performance centre after seeing one a youtube coaching clip from them. I didn’t get much past the analysis phase or get a tune-up kit like I wanted before I started. And two hours practice. It seemed undoable, and life, and work, and kids took away focus.

    Until the last few league matches made me angry. Frustrated with 41’s, 55’s made me revisit my practice strategy, and look for new routines to freshen up my skills. What I had done was make a note of all the triples and doubles used in the outshot routines. I had 21 marked down, from D20, to T13. I had to hit 5 marks before ‘finishing’ the number. Then I might practice my doubles, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 - 20, 10, 5 - 12, 6, 3 and 18, 9, B. So I had accuracy. Just not set-up, and too many 1’s and 5’s.

    Then I stumbled on flight school through the book written by ‘sleepy’. I signed up and in the process joined SEWA. I had read George’s book years ago, and that is were I developed my practice routine of marking down 10, 12, 14 triples and doubles and hitting them 5 times. But what I re-discovered from flight school was working on my stroke. Now if I hit a number I don’t go onto the next one, but try and land all three together. Mostly I land near enough the target that in the grouping I might still get one in the double or triple, but if it is too far away I get satisfaction from stacking barrels.

    SEWA has given me practice game ‘competitions’ to break up my routines, and I have gone back to using the darts performance centre and used their interactive games to record my results. There is an old mantra about not managing what you aren’t measuring.

    Since playing around the world on doubles, but not worrying about hitting the segment and more about stacking barrels to develop a stroke and cadence to my throw I have hit more 180’s and 140’s, and lowered my 501’s games average below 21, which is where I want to be. Thanks to all the advice I have gotten here, as it has given me the confidence to adapt my practice routine to one that suits me and tailored to improve the areas I need to work on.
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    Glad to hear it! For those doubles I find both BlackHorses game and John Parts 'Catch 40' to be great ways to force them into your mind.
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    Mountain I have taken a similar path, only difference is I have nowhere to compete...yet(fingers crossed). Erik is spot on. . I have found on catch 40 that it is also good to alter your routes too. For instance 81...some days I shoot 45-36 and others 57-24. The DPC exercises are what I latched onto the most. When you mention cadence I like the Double down game because you not only work the doubles but also the rhythm between throws.

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