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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Monty, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Monty

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    So, my wife said if I keep playing darts, she was gonna leave me...


    I'm gonna miss that girl.

    But, now that I'm settled and live in a condo, there's really no place to mount a dart board. I'm thinking about one of those portable dart stands. I like the Unicorn the best, but looking for thoughts on this.

    Has to be free-standing, easily fold away. Weight isn't really a problem since it won't really be traveling. Yes, I know I can make one... not gonna do it. Curious how stable they are or does the board wobble about with every throw?
  2. Erik

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    I did a review on one a long time ago and they were pretty sturdy back then. Can't say how they are today (that was at least 10 years ago) but in a pinch they really work well.
  3. Squiggle

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    I've never tried any of the portable dart stands but I have a Voks Board Door hanger. It has been really handy when traveling. I got it because my wife and I were temporarily in a tiny apartment and there were no good spots to put a dartboard other than the front door. I've used it in hotels, apartments and I always take it with me when I visit my parents and hang it on the closet door in my old bedroom. If you have a door with enough room to throw, it might be something to consider. Here's a link:
    Voks Board Door Hanger
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  4. Erik

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    Used to use one of those myself and took it to some tournaments with me or business travel. Allowed me to practice in my room before events.

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