PAUL LIM WINS Taiwan pro tour stage 0

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Competition' started by ducks, May 16, 2018.

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    The Dartslive Taiwan PRO tour saw Paul lim win this year's stage 0 (first stage). He was in Jedi Master mode in the final, nodding and giving approving looks for good shots by his younger and less experienced opponent.

    There is a new format this year. 01 is now 501 , split bull, open in, double out. Previously, the format was 701 master out. The new format is great news for Taiwan. It will force the top local players on the tour to start learning their outs and allow them to be more competitive if they participate in the PDC Asian tour. Taiwan is a tour stop later this year and the monthly pro tour shoots will help local players get ready for it.

    Unfortunately, the local women's tour still plays master out. This is a big handicap as it puts the women at a great disadvantage if they compete in steel in asia.

    The format change may explain why a tour player asked me if i wanted to play steel 501 rules on a dartslive machine when I visited his shop. People always ask if i play steel, but this was the first time I had been asked if I wanted to play steel tip rules.

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