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    One80dart Reflex points come in three styles. As a steel adapter point for soft tip darts, as a replacement for regular steel points, and as part of the R2 Revolution system on selected One80 steel tip darts.

    My One80dart Reflex model F 2BA steel adapter points are a very pleasant surprise. 20180324_163647.jpg I received a set as a gift from the One80dart sales manager when I purchased a set of Alex Reyes darts at the Taiwan Open. They immediately solved my bounce out problems at home. The different models come in different lengths and nosecone styles. They are spring steel, have no laser etching, and are smooth, but have not been polished to a mirror finish like my Monster stainless steel adapter points. The model I chose have a nicely tapered nosecone. The points are sharp, but not quite needle sharp. Reflex points are very thin. Because the Reflex points have such little taper, they look like hypodermic needles.
    A side by side comparison with other points show just how thin they are. 20180324_163350.jpg From top to bottom, Hammerhead standard, Reflex model F, cheap generic steel point, and Monster stainless steel No. 5.

    The Reflex points are hands down the best of this group of points. I put them on a set of 18gm darts and the points penetrate deeply and hold well. I tried all four points pictured above and have ranked them in order of penetration and holding power. Number 1, Reflex points, 2 the cheap generic steel points, 3 the Monster points, and last, the blunt fat Hammerheads. I imagine if I'd sharpened the Hammerheads, they could have done better. My practice board has been pounded to death and the sisal above the triples is so soft and loose that I have a serious bounce out problem. It was remarkable how these new Reflex points that hadn't been scuffed with a sharpener had no problem holding darts in the board. I'm guessing it's a combination of the thinness of the points, the lack of taper, and their pointiness that allows them to penetrate and stick so well.

    The product photos below came the One80 2018 advance brochure.
    Reflex points come standard on One80 R2 Revolution darts. r2 dart.jpg The R2 system allows you to remove and replace broken or old points through the use of a screw-in nosecone. Deta Hedman uses these darts. deta.jpg The first generation of Reflex points were directly inserted into the darts and this was a big problem as the thin spring steel points were prone to breakage. The R2 system overcomes this problem. Reflex points are also available as a replacement for regular steel points. adapter point.jpg The replacement point is a sleeve with a Reflex point. You extract your old point and insert the sleeve and Reflex point into your dart. There are Youtube videos which demonstrate R2 darts and the replacement Reflex points.

    Yes, they do go boing when your darts hit the board. But silently. Having shot soft tips for many years now, I'm used to the boing and tail wag of soft tip darts. If you don't like your darts wagging their tails, One80dart Reflex points might drive you crazy. Make sure to check out Youtube videos to see how they work.

    In conclusion, I have to give a big thumbs up for Reflex points. If you find that you are having problems with bounce outs on old dartboards, these points could solve your problems. They work great on my beat up steel board. I'm crushed that I can't use my Reflex adapter points on my new One80 Alex Reyes darts. The adapter points are 2BA and my darts are No. 5.

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    Thanks for the review. I have been wondering about those myself.

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