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  1. Erik

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    Week 6 (5 was a bye)
    3.24mpr 5-5 marks, 3-6 marks, 3-7 marks, 1-9 marks
    29.64ppd with 9-Ltons and 6 hats

    That's a 12 in Cricket and 13 in '01 so I am seeing improvement now but still very unhappy with my poor performance...which makes me laugh as I KNOW it's just a matter of time but still...sheesh.

    I did hit 6 hats which is double what I did in the entire first four weeks so gee, maybe the hitting the board is paying off.

    Here's to next week and the hope the trend continues.
  2. Erik

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    Interesting thing about last nights cricket is that I didn't hit as many big scores (high marks) but did hit a lot more singles so I was in the target just not the trips....on the other hand I had some games where I missed entirely so my overall MPR should improve a lot as I get past those little hickups where I toss all three away!

    My Cricket practice is definitely paying off too and that brutal game is starting to grow on me. It's tough to score well if you miss the trips and punishes you relentlessly when you miss. Hence I think it's the reason my game is improving steadily though any practice might do that I'm finding that routine to be very valuable.
  3. Erik

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    Week 7
    3.65mpr 8-5 marks, 3-6 marks, 5-7 marks, 1-9 marks
    28.70ppd with 15-Ltons and 4 hats

    Truth is I should have done better in 01 and was until the rap came on and broke my concentration for a round or two...finished a game around 20ppd and then picked it back up. Most times I was above 30ppd and finished a couple in the 40's...getting better but still only shot a 12 in 01.

    Cricket was better and I shot as a 14 but again, had some poor games.

    Funny, you can see the cricket practice payoff tonight though :)

    Oh and I love the new darts!
  4. Erik

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    Fighting a bad cold and doped up as well as having not played this past week or practiced and I'm ok with tonights results. Not my best but not too shabby under the circumstances ;)

    Week 8
    3.25mpr 7-5 marks, 2-6 marks, 1-7 marks, 2 hats
    29.04ppd with 10-Ltons and 4 hats

    My overall average in league right now (thanks to a slow start) is 11 which is what I started as. Of course I shot a 12 tonight despite being under the weather so I have no doubt I'll roll up to a 12 or 13 by the end of season.

    It will be interesting to see if I can do better than that which is my goal ;)
  5. Erik

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    Ugh! Still fighting this cold, mostly in my chest now but I 'think' it's improving. Anyway, not much practice this past week at all (almost none) and a lot of sleeping around trying to get rid of this crud so I didn't expect much last night.

    Week 9
    3.15mpr 7-5 marks, 3-6 marks, 2-7 marks, 1-8 mark, 1-9 mark
    26.82ppd with 14-Ltons and 42 hats

    Shot as an 11 in both but that was with big swings in either direction. Finish a game of cricket around 4.5mpr, then another around 2.0mpr....it was that kind of night. I either missed right on the wire or I didn't.

    Another thing was that we'd rescheduled our place to last night as our opponents couldn't play on Tuesday (our regular night) and it turns out one was celebrating a birthday....with a little extra spirits ;)

    As the night war on they began to play slower and slower...we could see them standing at the bar table, leaning on it, dancing around it, on the floor (yes), whatever, and would have to text them to remind them to play (remember it's remote).....and my darts struggled as I waited and got irritated. They shouldn't have but I'm not a kid anymore folks, I'm in my 50's and want to shoot my darts, have good games and go home ;)

    It's ok, we won 13-4 but still....
  6. Erik

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    Week 11 (didn't play ten as our opponents needed to reschedule and we're working that out)....week before that we had a bye.

    3.14mpr 4-5 marks, 1-6 marks, 6-7 marks and 2 hats
    27.28ppd with 9-Ltons and 4 hats

    Weird night. Started out shooting in the high 30's then had a bad game and shot in the low 20's in '01. Hmmm.....I'll change that in cricket...shot a 4.44mpr followed by a 4.89mpr in cricket and thought YES! Then saw my darts drop away with sun in my eyes (oh that sucked!)....2mpr.....

    I recovered a couple games later and had some in the 4mpr+ range but others lower and finished the night OK but I can see that I should be able to finish the night in the 4mpr range so expect to do so soon.

    In 01 I struggled repeatedly. Some games I was on the mark and hitting good scores and others...well one game I was in the teens!!! I think I finished at like 16ppd....and then hit something like 38ppd...I was all over the map.

    Maybe the 3 week break didn't help but in reality NO EXCUSES! So I need to hit the practice board more.

    Speaking of which, I tossed out the old practice board, changed tips and flights and am back with a decent practice setup in my office again ;)
  7. Erik

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    Week 12

    Both have me shooting as a 15 tonight :) Lots of good scores but still some down games (finished my first Cricket game at 4.8+mpr, then the next at 6mpr but bombed in the 3rd at 2.5ish...came back later with good games but hit a second in the 2's only to pull up again and finish where I did...should really have had 4mpr overall.

    Same story in '01 and had a nice 151 finish followed by a nice 152 finish :)

    Won the match 10-7 against the current no.1 team in the division (I really hurt us in the first 3 weeks).

    Hopefully next will will see a continuation on that theme :D
  8. Erik

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    30.84 this week -- a 14 and I was not happy but will blame it on the headache and milling all weekend!

    League is over but we have one make up match tomorrow :)
  9. Erik

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    Ugh....no sleep last night so it was a real struggle to see the board tonight. Shot a 3.34 in cricket an 28 something in 01. Wasn't good but we're done for the season and I survived ;)

    Might play trios

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