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Discussion in 'Just Sayin' started by kirby, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Open to debate...What the Fuk!!! I think I should get a 1 match suspension with a $50 fine..because I'm old and did'nt think Id get the fucking max "repercussions" on a grey area "league" rule...How many fucking people in this league were personally affected by my descion ??? Did I cheat??? Did I decieve???? Cripes the team that I "gave" the match to went on to the State Title and won, are they pissed???

    A "Playoff" team should have the right to concede a match with notification of proper officials....Who the fuck is getting hurt here???

    Just my fukin opinion :wink:
  2. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    Paul, I think if the board felt some form of discipline was necessary, I think not allowing you to be a Capt. for two seasons would have been satisfactory for all the reasons you stated above.
  3. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    Can i get a time check? :)
  4. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    :lol: :lol: I noticed that too. And he was at the LOD 2hrs earlier :wink:
  5. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Hey!!! I was outta there by 9:15..Had a ball playing with the Pineapple Bimbo, got thru the 1st round taking down Leo Grady and Chris Kelly..Melody was solid taking out 82 in 1st 501 and then hitting 3 fat 15's for the 3rd game cricket win.. :lol: Alas our darts stayed on that board and then I got a phone call in which I had to leave..Did'nt get home till late.. :wink:
  6. Chitown599

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    I'm, sorry Paul, but I LMAO with this post :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Good one Skiz.
  7. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Hey, I did too!!! But thats why I posted on another thread that it was after 10...Believe me my stepdad called and I had to go by his home..By the time I left there and got home it was well after 1, so I had a couple of night caps to calm down, got a little angry over the suspension bull and decided to post.. :lol:
  8. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I'd say that was sound judgement, so I will speak up for you.

    Everyone knows my feelings on the suspension, and how I feel it was uncalled for. You did everything a captain was supposed to do. You contacted the opposing teams captain, called your AD, and your team.
    What transpired after that is unjust. In no way was anyone hurt, and the schedule was not compromised at all. So with all that said, the BOD should really take a better look at what transpired, and punish the real culprit, who never told Kirby the consequences. As he said, had he of known, he would have tried to make it, but under the circumstances, where a death in the family of a teammate, the BOD should have looked the other way as they did so before.
  9. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Well that seems to be the issue that will stay in this thread..
  10. DEREK

    DEREK Active Member

    Am I the only one that wonders why this was even brought to the BOD anyways? It was talked about between the captains...why the hell didn't the captain of the other team just submit a 13-0 score and call it a night? Could have done everyone a solid.

    Sorry...I was raised with the notion that if it would do no good to anybody involved to complain or didn't. You just kept your mouth shut. But it is quite clear that someone else was not brought up that way, and in turn Kirby has to go through this at a tough timne in his life.

    Thanks Snitch...for heaving this on my friend.

    And yes i know the captain is on the BOD...but I do know of several occasions where a BOD member has with held stuff from the rest of the board. not a big deal, that was turned into a big deal, all for one person's inability to keep his mouth shut.
  11. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    right on D-RECK
  12. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    I have posted this before in the MMDL feelings have not changed..

    I've stayed away from commenting publicly for a while on this..I have been meaning to call Kirby but have been very preoccupied with my father in law's illness lately among other things. I would rather not air this publicly at all myself..

    When I talked to Kirby that day I do not recall if I specifically told him it is a suspension playoffs or not. I know at one point Kirby did say to me that if a suspension results from it then if that's how it is than that's how it has to be, or words to that effect.

    That said, when the topic was discussed at a board meeting I stated the following:

    Was it a forfeit? Yes..playoffs or not. The rule does not differentiate.

    Does the league rule call for suspension for this? Sure does.

    Do I believe in people forfeiting? Absolutely not.


    First off, this wasn't a no call no show. Paul did his due diligence in informing Tom that he wouldn't be able to play. Could the 2 teams maybe have tried to reschedule? I say yes..I do not know if that was discussed or not so I can't comment.

    More importantly, although I do believe in following the rules, I think that a family member's passing (Derek's) is one occasion where a little human understanding can be exercised. I realize that while Derek and Tom were the most distressed about this and that would have left 4 players, I am sure that at least the players are all close (knowing them like I do) and probably were not in the mood to play.
  13. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    While I won't discuss what others did, I will tell you I myself abstained from the vote. As I stated here, I did not agree with a suspension when the team didn't play for the reason given. The punishment does not fit the "crime" on this.

    From what I have come to learn, a team in the states played the first night and didn't show up the second. Far as I'm concerned, if Kirby's not allowed to play then they shouldn't either..and IMO where they started the match and didn't travel to finish it, maybe anyone who shot night 1 shouldn't be allowed?
  14. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    when some1 abstains from a vote especially in this case that sucks u know the circumstances surrounding this case chriss. u say thier should a "little human understanding can be exercised" but then u dont vote. thats like our politicians who dont vote so when a constituent asks if they voted against somethin they say no. come on chriss show some dam balls u see these guys more than u c these few clowns on the BOD who r tryin to railroad kirby just for some retaliation cause he said somethin to a bod member in the 1st 9 vs MT finals. u really should do the rite thing by kirby cause your SS AD position could end up in jeopardy chriss, just sayin
  15. kirby

    kirby New Member

    The word "Suspension" was never said by either you or I period....Nor was it said by the opposing Captain...The 2nd phone call when you asked me to travel to the North Shore to play 1 game, and I told you flat out "no" I would'nt do that..I then said that any "repercussions" would fall squarely on my shoulders, not on the rest of the team but because their were no issues with the opposing Captain and nobody else in the league was effected by it I did'nt see a problem... Total crap and people need to smarten up and get this fixed before I really get pissed!!!

    Do I need to call a Judge to get "cell" phone transcripts over a dumb word ???? :roll: Looks like I'll have to call in a favor here if this keeps up... :roll:
  16. kirby

    kirby New Member

    What did I say to a BOD member??? Don't recall that..
  17. kirby

    kirby New Member

    I don't even think I have a team left anyway...Not certain about that, I have'nt recieved any phone calls but the rumours are running rampid... :roll:
  18. JD

    JD New Member

    which of the following is Kirby really guilty of?


    1.a fine; penalty.
    2. an act of forfeiting; forfeiture.
    3. something to which the right is lost, as for commission of a crime or misdeed, neglect of duty, or violation of a contract.

    verb (used with object)
    6. to subject to seizure as a forfeit.
    7. to lose or become liable to lose, as in consequence of crime, fault, or breach of engagement.


    1. to acknowledge as true, just, or proper; admit:
    2. to acknowledge (an opponent's victory, score, etc.) before it is officially established:
    3 . to grant as a right or privilege; yield:( to concede a game before all matches have been played.)

    I say he conceded the match.
    mutually agreed upon by both parties from what I understand!
    just sayin 8)
  19. kirby

    kirby New Member

  20. dwalsh

    dwalsh New Member

    Unfortunately,in this day and age of the internet,too many people know about stuff that goes on.Makes it almost impossible to do what you suggest...which imo is how it would have been handled back in the day.

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