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Discussion in 'Soft tip/Electronic Leagues' started by JaredP, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. JaredP

    JaredP New Member

    Have been wanting to get a G3 for the house to play on. Only problem is you need a league leader account to play online. Arachnid says you need to be a vendor to get one. Does anyone know of someone who has a g3 at their house and how they got around it.
  2. Erik

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    Interesting question, I will be interested in the answer out of curiosity.
  3. jamminmoor

    jamminmoor New Member

    So if 500 individuals wanted to do the same thing is arachnid, going to say the same thing, that would sure make them loose business.

    That would not be good business on there part.

    Just my opinion, I know its just 1 person there saying that too. But just saying they could loose lots of business if they had that many people that wanted them.

    Good Luck on finding the answers you need.
  4. coulomp

    coulomp New Member

    I have not heard of any people that were allowed to buy the g3 for home use yet let alone use it online.
  5. JaredP

    JaredP New Member

    There is plenty of places that will let you buy them and have them shipped to your house (commercial ones with cameras and online capabilities). With the amount of people that I've seen while playing online in a home setting there has to be a way to do this. Arachnid gets no money once the board is purchased by vendors anyhow besides account money. Yes, vendors would lose money from quarter drop they split with bar but there is still people who only do it for practice and still play their leagues and tourneys. On the same note, there are vendors who have still not approved the online leagues and for people like me where I live (only evenings off work are thu/fri) nothing but handicap leagues are available and that gets old. I would like to play people of my caliber with no handicap rather than starting a game at 501 when my opponents are below 300. If Arachnid cares that much for their vendors they need to make every vendor offer the remote leagues they have started.
  6. Jeff_MacIntosh

    Jeff_MacIntosh New Member

    I know this thread is a little old, but it would appear a clear answer has been provided for Jared.

    There is more to it than buying a board, plugging it in, and playing online. Amusement operators pay a fee to access the network through Arachnid to be able to use the online features and use of League Leader, which is what operators use to run leagues on the system.

    The base fee is somewhere in the $400 range per year just to access the network. I do not know if Arachnid will allow a direct account with them. Also, Arachnid doesn't normally sell the boards direct to individuals, although they have sold parts. The boards are normally sold through the distributors whom you probably have seen online.

    Arachnid isn't setup for a direct consumer market per se, since most of their business is done through the distributors. As far as getting an amusement operator to allow you access to their network...that would be a long shot since they make their living one dollar bill at a time.
  7. Jeff_MacIntosh

    Jeff_MacIntosh New Member

    To once again rehash this thread, Arachnid put out an announcement a few months back barring the sale of the online capable G3 boards to any third party, and allowing them access to the Arachnid network. Vendors caught allowing individuals access to the network through them will have their League Leader account shut down which essentially makes it impossible to use any of the internet capabilities of the board. This includes the abilities to set up league formats and rosters through League Leader for download by the boards.

    According to Arachnid, they want people in the bars playing on their boards, not at home.

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