Hit any 180's today?

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Erik, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Erik

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    When you paste an image into the forum you should see the options like what I just pasted in ;) If you don't see 'Insert every image as a....' and then the images below and the option for thumbnail or full image then something isn't right. I jusst opened the images from your email and 'snipped' them, copied to my clipboard and pasted into the forum post I was editing.

    I may have to do a 'how to' for the forums since this is a pretty new feature (and a cool one :) )
  2. Kaitlin.Q

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  3. Erik

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    Nice pic! Rare to see one so evenly thrown but I love the picture -- I take a lot that way too with the flights in focus :)
  4. Kaitlin.Q

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    Thank you Erik, that's was the one of the luckiest set I've seen in my life ;)
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  5. CraigB

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    Although I have one makeup match still to go, I finally started to hit perfect scores again in last night's last match of the season (singles dart league - five sets, best of five legs). Including warm-up, I had three 180's and a 171. Now if I could only hit my outs more efficiently... *Sigh...*
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  6. VanO

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    Channel your inner Bob Anderson. He was a great finisher!!!
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  7. VanO

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    D94D6C4E-8A95-49BB-B59E-9509366FFCAF.jpeg First ton80 with the custom kennyG darts. These were machined in mild steel as a prototype and I bored them out to accept tungsten plugs from the Ultracore by Unicorn. They weigh in at 23g fully suited and are a rather long dart. They fly very straight and level though! Keep an eye open on the forum for the next iteration of these darts. Until then thanks to @kennyg for a fine foray into the custom darts realm!

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