Help identify these darts please?

Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by getagrip, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Was told they are Rod Harrington Durro Kryptore, but I am sure that they are not, but don't know what they are:



    Any ideas anyone?
  2. Robot

    Robot New Member

  3. Hatrick3

    Hatrick3 New Member

    they definately look like the last set..

  4. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Nice find mate! Its definitely the last set, does it say what they are called?

    Is it just Kryptore style D?
  5. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I agree, it is definitely style D. It must say somewhere what they are.
  6. jamminmoor

    jamminmoor New Member

    I know that Style B are Peter Evison signature darts, Style C are deffinetly Dave Kelly Signature darts, I had several sets of the dave kellys lost or stolen over the years, actually getting a couple of custom sets a little different, I Still have 1 Dave Kelly Dart.

    Durro Kyptore, I know the Players that were sponsored using this company were........... Steve Brown (USA), Dave Kelly (USA), Peter Evison (UK), Rod Harrington (UK).

    Dutch dart importers, will show you some of these darts..

    This is Possibly a Rod Harrington dart, it has the same kind of barrel at the front as I've seen before.
  7. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Try just searching durro darts, you should find more on them. I turned up a few sets of Kelly darts for sale a while back and me and Skiz bought them up
  8. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Funny thing is, I just looked at one of my old Durro catalogs, and was surprised to see some of the Kryptore darts missing! I had my own Kryptores, but for some reason, they are not listed. What I will say is that Rod definitely used darts with those lengthwise grooves. I don't know of any other darts with a similar design, so I would say that those are his.

  9. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Thanks for all the fantastic help guys, I checked on the link provided by Robot and they were a Japanese company selling them as "90% Durro Kryptore", so for now that is what I have named them in my Flickr Album.

    I don't really know much about Durro darts, so if anyone can gave me a little background on them I would be very interested to hear it. Are they a British or a Dutch firm?

    They were a lot of Durro darts on a Dutch site I found, and I really like some of them, so will buy them if I can. I also know that Bristow had some darts by Durro in the early days, but thats as far as my knowledge goes on them.

    Hey Steve (chunky), where did you get the Durro catalogs? would be very interested to see that, have you any spare ones you fancy giving up?

    Cheers all

  10. bret23

    bret23 New Member


    Why don't you send Rod Harington and E Mail thru the PDC web site asking about Kryptore Durro. I think he is on the PDC board or if he has a web site.,,10180,00.html

    Also I forgot to send you a Picture of my Tom Sawyer Powerpoints have been busy at work will do this weekend.

  11. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Good idea Bret, will give it a go. Cheers.
  12. jwarner

    jwarner New Member

    I have Several sets of Rod Harrington Durro darts and they don't look like those.
  13. bret23

    bret23 New Member


    Here is Rod's E Mail from the Target Web Site.

    Kind Regards
  14. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Thanks Bret, another good link. I sent an email to the PDC and got a reply from a Dave Allen who said he would forward it on to Rod. Will give it a few days and if there's no reply I will send a mail to the Target link.

    Have you done the Sawyer pics yet?


  15. getagrip

    getagrip New Member

    Got a reply from Dave Allen at the PDC, Rod said that they are not the ones he threw but they are Durro Kryptore darts.

    So thats that settled :D
  16. Alan brewer

    Alan brewer New Member

    F241F825-89F6-4DA5-B0A1-6760BE4B7190.jpeg D518975E-8B57-4B11-855C-8C51ECECA4EA.jpeg 6F6124CD-ECE8-4DF3-B7CB-937011D3D40B.jpeg
  17. Alan brewer

    Alan brewer New Member

    pic 1 Steve brown
    Pic 2 rod Harrington durro acta point 23g
    Pic 3 rod Harrington durro 21g
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