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Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by bulldozer, Aug 3, 2018.

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    I have always been a big fan of Steve Beaton "The Bronzed Adonis" and a couple of months ago a set of his match played and Practice darts became available for sale on Ebay from his wife. I bought them very cheaply for less than 40 GBP and Steve signed the case and a photo for me as I was going to put them on my sports wall of fame.
    I was using a set of Phase 5 Unicorn Taylor darts at 26 grams and playing well with them in practice after 10 years away from the game but I knew that I should move to a 22 Gram dart as I could work them better or finer for doubling.
    I bought a set of 22 gram Target Generation 1 darts from ebay 5 weeks ago but the courier GLS Portugal who are useless took so long to deliver them that I began to actually try the Steve Beaton 22 Gram darts That I bought for display a couple of months ago.

    A few days back. I got the darts out and I changed the short stems that Steve uses as he actually grips the stem behind the dart to throw it (I put longer nylon stems in and I put in normal pear shaped flights instead of Steves oversize pears.
    The result has been fantastic for me..... I have hit 12 x 180s in the last couple of days practice and my doubling has even improved. The Taylor Gen 1 target darts finally arrived today and although they are really nice darts and I can throw them well the 22g Beaton darts are staying in the darts wallet, lol.
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    Cool and nice shooting...I've been taking the summer off in hopes of moving past the dartitis and this kind of post inspires me to hit the board a little :D
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