great day at PDC Asian tour 8 in Taipei.

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    Russ Bray was a big highlight. The final with L. Ilagan and N. Malicdem featured several 180s. Hearing R. Bray calling those 180s up close was super cool. Plus, the guy was a block of granite on stage. The guards at Buckingham Palace could take lessons from him. I also got to see him teaching the proper way to chalk. 20190623_181117-01.jpeg As world champ Mikuru Suzuki was leaving, she stopped to say goodbye to Russ. He first listens intently to her and then gives her a huge smile to send her off. A consumate gentleman. 20190623_165314-01.jpeg 20190623_165318-01.jpeg Here she is in her elite 8 match against N. Malicdem. 20190623_161118-01.jpeg She took the first leg, and on two more legs reached an out first! Both times she could not hit D20. Ouch!!! I asked Malicdem his thoughts on the match. His first word, Nervous! and then said it was the first time he'd ever played her. I also asked Russ Bray about Mikuru. He said that darts is darts. Men, women, it doesn't matter and that she has a good throw. Unfortunately, it was late and my phone had just died, so I couldn't record his whole response. Here is Lourence taking a few throws while Paul Lim takes on Noel Malicdem in a semi. 20190623_172548-01.jpeg Paul loses a tough semi where he was down early but fought back, only to lose 4-5. 20190623_174111-02.jpeg He immediately gets consoled by old friends. The Singapore Slinger took it hard.
    20190623_174004-01.jpeg Bobby Knight once said he didn't know what a game face was. I guess he never saw Lourence Ilagan. We still have walk on girls. 20190623_174212-01.jpeg N. Malicdem found a way to keep his darts warm. His food and beverage tickets are also pictured. You buy sheets of vouchers and use them for bar purchases. 20190623_160353-02.jpeg Here are Paul Lim's darts. 20190623_155151-02.jpeg I caught a pic with Haruki Muramatsu in full tourist mode.
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    Bobby Knight game face.
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    Tough luck for my buddy Paul but, at least, he's still near the top even at his age! Personally, I'd like to walk off with those walk on girls (just add one more and we'll be the same age! LOL!:D).

    As for playing the girls, I can tell you that Sandy Reitan (how I still think of her even though she's been Sandy Green for decades), Kathy Karpovich and Stacy Bromberg were very tough matches when they chose to play in the open events...
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    Craig, since you mention it. Semi walk on.
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    Thanks for the posts Ducks! Always love seeing your updates.
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    I love to share them with you!
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    Yeah thanks!

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