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Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by John_Part, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    Reading about Larry's routine, and the "difficulty" level brought something else to mind. Yes Larry's routine was tough, and requires skill to get through, and is very good mechanical practice. the problem is there is no pressure element.

    Here is the challenge.

    Go round the board on doubles from 1 to 20 and then DB.

    "John, that's easy! Even BlackHorse could do that." you say?

    Oh yeah, here's the catch. You must get at least one double with every three dart turn, or it's back to D1. No bonus for 2 or 3 doubles in a turn, except for being that much closer to the end.

    You good players are going to really feel some pressure!

    Before you all start crying, yes I have done this many times, and failed many more.

    Post your scores as the last double you successfully hit before crapping out. There may be a prize for the first one to report doing it.

    [Edit - Felt the need to make this a sticky so people can find it.]
  2. string

    string New Member

    I'll give it a go.

    My first score is....... 1

    ok. there, I did it. where's my prize?

    p.s. this game is really tough
  3. Ramses

    Ramses New Member

    I just did six tries and couln't get past double 5.

    I'm going to be doing this for the rest of the day!

  4. string

    string New Member

    shoot...took too long writing.

    figured I had a chance by missing while others were busy hitting doubles....LOL
  5. 5uperman

    5uperman New Member

    John, you have a maximum of 9 darts at every double or three darts at every double??
  6. Ramses

    Ramses New Member

    Next try got to double seven...but I have a question.

    I hit d1 d2 d3 each with one dart, then d4, d5 (two darts), then d6 took two darts, missed d7 with all freakin' three, which took me back to d1. Am I doing this right?

  7. Ramses

    Ramses New Member

    I'm an idiot..;.sorry...didn't read the initial post correctly.

    my bad.

  8. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    You're just going around the clock/board on doubles. If you have one turn/3 darts with no progress, you're back to square one.
  9. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    It's easy enough to misread a post. :lol: :lol:
  10. 5uperman

    5uperman New Member

    Thats what I thought.

    just to clarify...

    hit D1 miss D2 miss D2.

    where do I go from there?
  11. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    Yes, that is right, if you are using all your darts. If you hit D1 with your first dart, go for D2 with your second dart. If you miss no big deal as you've already made progress with that 3 dart turn. You can get 3 doubles in one turn, but you're still faced with defeat if you fail to get a double in your next turn. That's what I mean by no bonus.
  12. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    D2, your game is still alive as you made progress by hitting the D1
  13. John_Part

    John_Part Member


    First to complete the game!
  14. string

    string New Member

    John, to see if I understand this right, and using your last example, if I hit D1 with the first dart, miss D2 with the second and third darts, after retrieving all 3 darts, do I then have only one dart left to throw at D2 before I lose, or do I have all 3 darts of the second throw to throw at it, as I had already scored a double with my first three darts, that being D1?
  15. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    :D John.

    But, no, I would have to hit a really lucky streak to finish that one. Not too likely for me, I'm afraid.

    I love that you are getting questions on how to play it, that is just fantastically ironic. :D

    And ( reverting to a four year old ), my version is actually more realistic and better so nyah nyah, neener, neener. :p :p :p
  16. 1Whiteknight1

    1Whiteknight1 New Member

    No problem im in,,i do this routine from time to time,, been a while now tho',but a dart inside the double in the fat single is a bust for me,and back to start,,
    no bust on darts inside the double?
  17. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    The latter.

    The axe falls if you miss three darts in one turn. A turn being one trip to the oche. No cheating using two sets DT.
  18. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    Shut up! Or I'll get my dad(Bob :lol: ) to beat up your dad.
  19. 5uperman

    5uperman New Member


    Just add 2 World Championships to your portfolio and I am sure everyone will listen to you! 8)
  20. Ramses

    Ramses New Member

    I'm with you, BH. It'll probably take me a couple of years before I'm good enough to complete the challenge, but I'm going to pound away at it, nonetheless (insert sexual inuendo here). I've only been playing darts for just over 2 years, after all.

    I'm sure someone like Double Trouble, Tae, CraigB, or Erik will walk off with this one before I get there.

    Back to the board.


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