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  1. Mountain

    Mountain New Member

    Just putting this up so I can check back at the end of June. I've completed all Practice games now and set ambitious targets that I trust are achievable with work and dedication. I've made a bit of a leap in my performance just by putting in practice time, and using some new routines. Now for the hard slog! So to motivate me to continue here is my current level and the targets I wish to hit.

    Bob's 27 - 211/15% (Ouch) Target 400/30% (I can do better!) Improvement 15% Finishing is important, so I want to concentrate on this one

    100's @ 20 - 115/38% (DPC 3 dart average 66) Target 135/45% (Cut out the 1&5's) Improvement 7% I think I have to be a realist here, and not just once but consistently hitting this level

    50 @ Bull - 34/34% (Want this for the Out's) Target 40/40% (Please Sir can I have more?) Improvement 6%. See above

    RTW - 67/36% (Too many missed numbers) Target 84/45% (Cut out the misses) Improvement 9% Must hit at least the fat segment, jeesh!

    CCU - 20/33% (Poor, very poor) Target 38/55% (Needed for Outs!) Improvement 22% Ambitious, but required for finishing, game on!

    BH RTW - 19/15% (Pathetic) Target 38/30% (See Bob's 27) Improvement 15% To bring on the pressure

    Catch 40 - 29/24% (Meatloaf) Target 38/32% (One out of three ain't bad!) Improvement 8% What it's all about.

    Too ambitious? Any guesses on what level I do get to? Should I post fortnightly progress? I've got a calendar entry in for the update on June 28. Let's hope the practice pays out for matches in the new financial year
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  2. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Looks like a good plan. I used to post updates to my own scores all the time. I found it helped keep me on track and you will find others often join in and make it a bit of a comp at times :D
  3. VanO

    VanO Moderator Site Moderator

    Mountain, your first records in the games are much higher than mine were when I first completed all. That makes me a bit jealous! That being said, I experienced significant improvement with only very short practice sets over the matter of a few months. Keep at it as Erik told me. You will get better and then worse. That’s simply because it’s harder to make smaller adjustments Learn to use the other darts in the board when you can and pay attention to your own mechanics and it will pay off! Once I receive my new custom darts from @kennyg I will take some time to update all my data and commit to an improvement schedule also.

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