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    This is excellent advice that I thought should be shared. It was originally posted to the alt.sport.darts newsgroup in 2001. I started the thread, and Taechon also posted his thoughts.

    The advice below is by Pacific Northwest darts legend Roger Christal of the Portland Area Darts Association.

    1. Don't waste darts.

    If you close the trip 20 on the first dart, don't assume you can close the
    19 in the next 2. Instead, assume your opponent can close the next open
    number. By closing the 20's on the first dart, you've virtually FORCED your
    opponent to shoot 19's. By throwing the 19's and only getting 2 marks
    wastes those marks at a crutial period of the game. A better option is to
    score on the 20 and/or go for the 18, again, forcing your opponent to the
    19's and away from your 20's.

    2. Don't force your opponent to do something you don't want them to.

    You have all numbers except for 15's. You have 2 marks on the 15's and
    trail in score by less that 25 points. You have one dart left in your hand.
    Your opponent has all numbers closed except for bulls and he needs 3 of them
    to win the game. Got it? DON'T FORCE YOUR OPPONENT TO WIN THE GAME by
    closing the 15 with your last dart. You now leave him no choice but to
    throw the bull.

    When you get to the line for any shot, think about this, "What am I forcing
    my opponent to do if I make this shot?" The name of the game is control
    your opponent.

    3. Always assume your opponent will throw 3 marks per turn.

    See 1 above. Closing the 20's with the first dart and finishing with 2
    single 19's is not smart Cricket. Assume your opponent can/will close it on
    his turn.

    4. Never assume you can hit a triple when you need it, regardless of how
    confident you feel.

    I've seen this happen so many times it's pathetic. I'm playing with a
    partner. We have a slight scoring advantage over our opponents who have a
    big number that they can score on. On his last dart, my partner choses not
    to throw for score but instead throws at that big triple to close and gets a
    single. Partner sheepishly says, "Sorry, I really thought I could hit it".
    I say, "Sorry is right, you a**h***! You just lost us the game!" Not
    really. What I actually say is, "Oh, really good try."

    Comments welcome,

    Roger Christal
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    That is excellent advice. I'm the worst about playing the "nice guy". I often don't point when I should. I really need to study this more and take it to heart
  3. Erik

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    Roger and I played well together and won the Oregon Open Men's Doubles Cricket the year we played together. We play the same way (as above) and I've played that way a long time.

    We did well in Truckee Meadows too and I always enjoyed playing with him.
  4. VanO

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    I had a partner in CT believed the same and it was always advice that played well for me.

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