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    Well, started league off a little better than the last two seasons though not stellar by any stretch. Finished the night with 29.43PPD (17lT,1hT and 5 hats) in 01 which wasn't bad but certainly could be better. Still that's a 13 so I'm not complaining however my cricket was off (by one hole damn near all night too) and I only hit 2.78mpr. I did have a nice 9 mark but it only counted as an 8 and it would have been nice if the 3 9 marks on the 3's, 2's etc were in the right wedge LOL....ahhh well, we will see how I throw tonight in Masters.
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    In the fall masters division we had some good games last night against Matt and Karl out of Yakima. We lost 10-9 but put up a fight with my partner Daniel shooting 4.02MPR in Cricket and despite a very poor leg of cricket (~1.8mpr) I managed a 3.43mpr overall (one game I finished at 6mpr with several over 4). Our 501 was good with both of us hitting well but Matt just kept hitting his outs.

    Karl shot 3.07MPAR in cricket with a LOT of games over 4 and Matt shot a 3.98. In 01 they shot 27.11 (Matt) and 27.05 (Karl) with Karl hitting more T20's than anyone I've seen hit in a while!!! Daniel out shot us all with 28.51PPD to my 26.37PPD but you can see we had a very close match overall.

    Felt good to have my darts start to come back a bit and I'm hoping that trend continues!

    In the Masters division we play 701 SO/MO (Master Out) and 501 DI/DO so the numbers will be a bit lower than you'd see when playing 701 SI/SO in the lower divisions (I'm also playing A Division with Darci).
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    Finally shot a decent night in the fall league with a 3.57mpr in cricket (just a couple games in the 2.7 range the rest in the 3.5-4.5 range) and 28.41ppd in 01 (which considering Master Out in 701 and DI/DO in 501 I'm pretty happy with).

    Can shoot better but clearly the practice is paying off :)
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    Not shooting great but at least I'm hitting more LTons than anyone LOL and more hats in 01 but I'm down in cricket with only 18 hats so trailing the top two by a lot -- add those together and we're all about 93 hats+Ltons
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    Shot a little better last night which is a first in a while. Maybe the adjustment to unpinch a nerve worked! Anyway, managed a 3.0MPR average in cricket overall for the night and though that's low it reflects some very good games in the 4-5MPR range and some poor games in the 2-3mpr range. Overall I'm glad to see some improvement finally! And hey, we won too :)
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    It was a long season with a lot of lows for me while I struggled with the problem in my neck causing pain in my right (throwing) shoulder. Dartitis kicked in big time many nights of the season and I fought hard to overcome. Last night was a good night in that I had almost NO dartitis (one or two strokes were off but nothing major) and for the most part felt 'ok'. I started the night well with some decent games of 701 hitting in the mid 30's (PPD) and had some good cricket games in the 4mpr range but as the night wore on my level of accuracy dropped and it was quite frustrating. I just kept at trying to stay relaxed and worked on my stroke and in the end we lost 6-13 but had some decent games in there. Darci won her second singles of the season which was good considering she's under rated for the division by about 50% so that was a great win for her (cricket) and her cricket is coming back with her averaging 2mpr last night and 2.38mpr the week prior. I think that is likely a trend for her unless she doesn't throw until next season (I'll have to get that board cleared away in the garage).

    For me it was a rough season and I dropped from a 12 to an 11 by the looks of it. It was a season I expected to rise to a 15 or so but my 'facet referral pain' was too much to overcome and I just never fully recovered my throw. Heck, when I thought I was going to settle at 3mpr in cricket after corrected the neck issue I was surprised when my cricket dropped to 2.5mpr instead and stayed there. Sure I'd shoot a 5mpr game here and there but I'd also hit 1.5mpr games too. Frustrating to say the least!

    I finished last night with 25.06PPD (well off my high this season of 31.83 and that was with an injury no less) and only 9 low tons (vs a high of 18) and 4 hats (high of 9). Cricket wasn't better at 2.54mpr with 2 5mrk rounds, 3 6 mark rounds, 1 7 and 1 RO9 along with a hat. Of course those 3 6 mark rounds were all a hole from 9 marks but that's life. Mood was off too making it harder to get the mind in the game.

    I think my overall average in Masters cricket is an average of 3mpr (I think I should be able to hit 4mpr over a season without working too hard so we'll see what happens next season I guess) and my 01 average in Masters is lower than A Doubles simply because you have to hit master outs or double outs in 01...so my average overall is around 25ppd in Masters vs A where I'm just under 27ppd.

    So, we'll see what the winter brings as I won't be milling so no likelihood of re-injuring my neck. With luck I'll bring the stroke back now and get my darts going straight in the new year.

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    Final night was last night and though I shot better and was more comfortable I dropped over all still. My cricket was better with a 3.08MPR average (9 games) and my 01 was off with a 25.20ppd. Strangely I was throwing 01 better when my shoulder was in pain vs now but I know it's just a matter of getting back to my normal stroke now.

    On a side note, my last 'official season' (not the summer trios as it was not counted for ratings) I shot 2/3rds of the time above 3mpr with an average of 3.36mpr on those 12 nights vs only TWO nights in the A division this season at 3mpr or better. In Masters I shot slightly better but still well off the pace.

    Bad thing is that I will 'roll down' due to the injury which gives me the option to play in the B division again (where there were complaints last time even though I'd just come back to darts after a long layoff) where my wife is more closely matched to the competition or continue to play underrated in the A division where she struggles to win even one game (she won two this season). While I do suggest to play 'UP' to get better I do so with this caveat: play up to improve but also play your level to keep your mental game in check! If you just take a beating every night day in and day out you might lose focus and no longer enjoy playing so by playing in say the 'B' league one night a week where you can see how well you are improving (by winning) and playing 'A' league one night a week to 'take a beating' you will both stay positive (B leaguers won't be so tough to beat after you've faced the tougher players!).

    My sub last night told me she learned a lot playing with me in the A division! It was a good experience because she saw what it was like for two 12's to go at it all night long and learned a lot about cricket.

    Just my thoughts

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