Eastern WA Fall Season 2018

Discussion in 'Soft tip/Electronic Leagues' started by Erik, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Well, here goes nothing! Darci and I are about to embark on another season in the A Division with hopes that my darts will return and her's will improve.

    During practice last night I shot some count up at 38+ppd so felt it was a sign....then tanked as the arm got tired but at least there is some hope ;)

    I'll admit, this season will be a decider for me. After all, I've fought through 3 degenerating discs in my neck which caused considerable pain and/or numbness in my right arm (my throwing arm) this past year which resulted in a lot of changes to my throw in an attempt to overcome it as well as some dartitis due to it. I can only hope now, that the pain is no longer an issue, that I can find that old throw again and start the slow climb back up to somewhere near where I feel I should be. We shall see but I'll report along the way!

    One thing I should mention is that while yes, I can still hit 180's on a steel board on somewhat of a predictable and frequent basis it really doesn't mean much if I cannot consistently hit the target when it counts and therein lies the key. 180's are great, and I understand not everyone hits them on a daily (or near daily) basis but someone who can average 28ppd on a softtip machine all night long will win every time against a player that can show up for only one game out of 3. Sure, maybe I crush a game of 01 shooting in the 40ppd range but dropping into the low 20's the next two means you lose.

    So here's to trying to get the old throw back, forgetting the dartitis days and maybe competing again in the higher divisions! Wish me luck!
  2. Erik

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    Well that was not a good start to the season :( I just could not produce tonight
    Shot my worst night since the injury despite feeling recovered. Throw felt ok most of the night though, but I was off a wire more than I can believe. I will work on it but shooting 2mpr in cricket on a soft machine is somewhat demoralizing

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