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    Well, we took a beating last night!!! Our opponents were really playing well and right about what they were rated to play which one might think is to be expected (it is) so a beating shouldn't be in order but Darci and I aren't rated at the cap (18 points) with my neck injury really keeping me from doing anything but barely maintaining at a level well below what I'd expect under normal conditions (I'm rated an 11 now but really shot like a 10 last season vs the 12 a season before with a finish around 14) and while Darci is definitely getting her darts back as evidenced by her playing like a 6 last night (rated a 4) my failure to even play like an 11 hurt.

    Sure, we had some great games like this one:
    that finished like this:

    Notice that Darci missed and dropped to 3.00MPR and I hit one bull dropping me to 3.56MPR then Brandon hit the finish for the win and bumped UP to 3.96MPR and he's an 8!!!!

    The real problem last night was my bulls! When I was back on track and improving again early last year I managed to hit 10 hattricks in one evening match in just 701 but last night only managed two! So, in cricket, while I often managed to get to the bull in the high 3's (like the above match) I soon dropped into the low 3's and 2's by missing bulls too often.

    Notice I only managed a 2.97mpr overall for the night with only one hat. That was the downfall in my game. Darci's 2.23mpr was awesome and I hope she continues this trend!

    Our opponents however, threw VERY well in cricket! Brandon is an 8 and threw like an 11!!! His partner, Rob, is a 10 and matched me dart for dart all night.

    701 is where we really took a beating despite Darci's excellent play. I was throwing well in the start with 2 games off the trot in the 30's but dropped to 20 or lower in the 3rd which of course did not work out well! Darci actually outshot me in two legs of '01 last night which was a little disheartening! I just couldn't find that big darn bull!

    Brandon shot what you'd expect as well as Rob and of course, therein lies the tale.

    I guess in the end this division is a good place for us to work on our games. It's just frustrating to shoot below 30ppd when I KNOW I can shoot above it but things just don't work.

    We'll see how our next match goes but I'm 'ok' with the results last night in that at least I know it could have been worse LOL
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    Rough night last! Darci played pretty well and is averaging a 5 (rating) right now with some games suggesting she's on her way back now (she had one 701 game she averaged 30.5ppd last night and several in the upper 20's) and in fact, she carried me at times last night! I just could not hit anything as the night started and had one of my worst overall nights of darts in the past year (since going back to playing). I fought dartitis for nearly half the night as I leaned, jumped, stretched and pitched my way to attempt to hit something....then, finally, I stopped trying at all. Just gave up and there they were again! T20, S19, S19 and "hmmm....what the?", then T18, T17, S16...."Hmmmm where did that come from?" we took 5 wins last night and while much of that was Darci's carrying me to the finish, some of it was a return to the old Erik (nearly) with good solid darts. Overall I dropped down to 2.64mpr in cricket for the night despite some games in the upper 3's and my 01 was an abysmal 23 something.
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    It was a rough go last night with one game that started like this: Erik -- miss, them -- big hit, Darci -- miss, them -- good hit, Erik -- miss......ya, six darts and not a mark to show for it! Oh man I was not enjoying that. I was just off and never really got feeling good, half way into the night I think we had one win! Then we both started throwing some good games and we finished the night with SEVEN! For us, in this division, that's not bad. So it's a loss but a 12-7 loss vs the previous 15-4 and 14-5 losses we'd taken.

    Our final win was this last leg in the match
    20180214_205031 (1024x639).jpg

    And what I want to point out is not my score but Darci's! 2.71mpr!! She is starting to really get her darts going and if this keeps up I can see us stepping up into this division with some serious edge :) Of course, that will require my shooting better frankly. When my best games of the night are in the high 3's and my lows are in the 1's and 2's I've got problems. But I'm working on it ;)

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    Wow! Darci is really starting to get her game back :) 20180221_205743 (1024x618).jpg

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    20180221_210649 (800x298).jpg 20180221_210712 (800x277).jpg
    My cricket was off last night on just a couple games but the one that really hurt I went 0 marks in 2 rounds and they hammered us with back to back 6 marks...finished that one at 1.4mpr and had one other around 2.4mpr but the rest were between 3 and 3.8mpr. So I felt better with that. Had a couple low scoring games in 01 also but managed an ok overall PPD for the night (for me these days).

    Darci was on fire!
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    Darci continues to improve and shot a 2.3mpr in cricket Wednesday. I however, am not! I'm probably going to finish the season as a paltry 10 with a 2.8mpr average for the season in cricket :( My new throw is working for me ok and the pain is mostly gone now or at least manageable but we shall see if the darts come back at all.
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    Meanwhile, as I struggle Darci steps up and kicks butt! Great job Darci!

    Once again Darci steps up! Our opponents won this leg but Darci's 27.78ppd average this game kept us in it! (I was the 34.83 but had some pretty abysmal legs that left me around 25ppd overall)

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