Darts Terminology and Abbreviations

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by John_Part, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. OnAndGone

    OnAndGone New Member Staff Member

    I've heard 28 referred to as a Big Breakfast
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  2. Tocca

    Tocca New Member

    Interesting read this. Here in Sweden (atleast around where i've played) a 26 score is often called a "Boklöv". (Named after the Swedish ski jumper who invented the "V" technique in ski jumping).

    In my dart club, whenever someone throws a D20 when amaing for a T20 they call it a "Thomas" (named after me :D ). I had a period when i surprisingly often slipped one dart up there.
  3. Fester

    Fester New Member

    I've heard D12 referred to as a Houdini
  4. Charis

    Charis Active Member

    I´ve got a term I never heard before, well, to be fair it would be Boddington Pauls term:


    I know now what it means :wink: . Do you know too?? And might be somebody can even explain why it´s called Canadian?
  5. taz1958

    taz1958 New Member

    I can't wait for the answer to this! :)
  6. mongoose

    mongoose New Member

    one we use up here in Toronto for double one is "grannies" or grandma's house...a place that no one really wants to visit but end up there eventually!

    and they only "canadian" I know of here is a kind of pizza hut pizza!
  7. Z-Factor

    Z-Factor New Member

    I believe you know the beer quite well too.
  8. ECM

    ECM New Member

    Taking a scientific wild ass guess here; is it another term for 24, named after the highly mediocre lager by Molson's?
  9. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    Gosh, and I would have said 99 after the "Great One!" 8)
  10. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Chicken lips for double one or 26
  11. YoungDrtr

    YoungDrtr New Member

    This is a pretty basic one that no one mentioned.

    When you defeat someone who failed to double in during 301 it's called a "skunk".

    My neighbor came up with this one too. When you are playing cricket and you get a single, single, single, we like to call it the "working man's triple" or "the blue collar way".
  12. HeRoDaRtS

    HeRoDaRtS New Member

    33- i have heard alot of people call a Rolling Rock
    78-t20,t5,t1 is a Champagne Breakfast

    t19 -s19-s19.....we call "a ton in my book"

    and my team calls "HERO DARTS" any darts that are thrown at the more challenging targets and misses....going for a trip when a single will suffice ...

    this is also where i get my username....
  13. Olys45

    Olys45 New Member

    There is a dart team here in the 'ol Cowtown that when they started 19 years ago they were so bad that they usually ended up shooting at the Double 1 to win.

    They took it in stride and made it their mantra and (well at least in the original league here in town) a Double One out is named a Lizzard Out.

    Check out their website.


  14. LMC825

    LMC825 New Member

    We call a 26 Dirt...
  15. Charis

    Charis Active Member

    Bobby George and Dr. Patrick Chaplin now published a book about the English dart language which I thought quite interesting.
    Probably the American darts language has got a lot of own terms and phrases :wink: but I at least can now find out what the English phrases mean.

    I've done a review you can find here:

    One can buy the book at amazone - I am not sure about the price in US Dollar :? but it's around 8 € which is not expensive.
  16. Drtr

    Drtr New Member

    We had a term named after the former captain of our team
    When you are aiming at Trip 20 and splash a Trip 18, it's called a "Gary"!

    soryy Gary, I couldn't resist!
  17. tritap

    tritap New Member

    A Polish 7 mark= 2trips and a single on the non-scoring number adjacent to your target number.
  18. Tubby

    Tubby New Member

    The 26 in our league is simply known as "a classic"

    We have several names for scud darts that don't hit their specific targets. All named after former/current players.

    One off the board is a "Rocko"

    hit a db when aiming for a triple " Kurt Catch"

    Slop a t12 or t18 going for the t20 " a Pops dart"
  19. Art

    Art Member

    Never heard an answer to this??? LOL
  20. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Never heard it used, so I guess I coined the "hard way ton" a long time ago.

    100 scored, all 20, no triple..a single and 2 doubles.

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