Darts Terminology and Abbreviations

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  1. warp1

    warp1 New Member

    I agree on the bed and breakfast part....we started chalking it 2F6, written the same way you use the T for writing a ton score. Shouldn't be hard to figure what the F stands for as I'm sure many of us have said it after that shot. :D
  2. ericmatern

    ericmatern New Member

    we always called a "22" a Desmond, for Desmond tutu (i don't know why)

    And anytime someone hit a triple with the third dart when the first two were bad , that was called a "jesus saves" dart.
  3. Drac0

    Drac0 New Member

    26 - Bed'n'Breakie (or I've paid for my room)
    28 - With ensuite
    36 or 38 - got the spa bath as well...

  4. TrainerR77

    TrainerR77 New Member

    My Monday night team called it a "Meatloaf" when only two of your darts hit...ya know, "Two Outta Three Aint Bad"....
  5. InFESTation

    InFESTation New Member

    T5 T20 T1 a "Hail Mary" don't know where that started though
  6. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    I call three non-marking triples in Cricket a "Brown Horse." [​IMG]
  7. UsualChaos

    UsualChaos New Member

    When you need two marks in cicket and you hit the double is called a "RUDY".
  8. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Actually, while you're on the right track regarding 26, it really dates back to the days before decimalisation, when we used pounds, shillings, and pence. Two-and-six was the abbreviated way of saying "two shillings and sixpence", which was something of a standard price for bed and breakfast.

  9. UsualChaos

    UsualChaos New Member

    We use a nationality around here. Those who live in Lowell,MA. or around Lowell,MA. know what it is.
  10. MzzThang

    MzzThang New Member

    In our league, some of the more common terminology is

    A Pair of Swans: score of 22
    Maggie Dart (named after my mom): hitting the D20 while going for the T20)
    House of Pain: D1
    Wannabeoneeighty: Two T20's and a T1 (or T5)
    The Barry Twomlow Out: D7
    Could Have Been Somebody: Two triples and a single of any number
    Only Two.....: the song that many break out in, while attempting to hit three triples of a number or only scoring two marks in cricket (sung to "Only You")
  11. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Interesting... In the UK, "Two Little Ducks" is a bingo term used for the number 22, but it has never really caught on in darts.

  12. rob

    rob New Member

    a fun term i heard is "flipper"
    used when someone splashes in cricket :)
  13. Boddington_Paul

    Boddington_Paul New Member

    Up in Annie's room = double one
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    HEY !!! 8O 8O 8O
  15. Scatman

    Scatman New Member

    frequent flyers = darts

    Bring your frequent flyers and let's throw a game...
  16. supabull

    supabull New Member

    A teammate of mine refers to well-played darts as "TV Darts", meaning similar to the caliber of darts seen in televised tournaments.

    To use it in a phrase, "Jamie says you were throwing some TV Darts the other night..." :)
  17. JinRI

    JinRI Member

    Here in Rhode Island, I've heard quite a few people refer to 26 as Fish and Chips. Probably for the same reason as Bed & Breakfast.

    Double 3 - Downstairs / In the cellar

    3 in DB - HT2, Deadeye

    I read that in some pubs in the UK, if a player was left with 1 he/she could call 'Split the legs' and try one shot between the 1's in 11.
  18. mretome

    mretome New Member

    8) One I particularly like is "White Horse" referring to three Cricket Triples to close with no points scored.

    I call a 28 "bed and breakfast with 2 strips of bacon" and 5 fives or 5 ones a "poor man's ton".
  19. RP_BILL

    RP_BILL Member

    T1, S1, S1------> "A ton of 1's!!"

  20. RP_BILL

    RP_BILL Member

    "The Cat's A**"--------> The DB.

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