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    Hi all ! A couple of weeks ago I signed up for DPC membership. In the short time of really reading and trying to assess my level on the site I am very impressed. The site is divided into categories of psychology, nutrition, practice, etc. As a former instructor and coach in golf I would highly recommend this. It may be similar to the Red Dragon course that Dozer is doing because I think Paul at DPC mhave worked with them in the past. He is also the mind behind training aids like SightRight for darts and billiards. Yearly membership was about the cost of a set of darts so the next time you’re frustrated and thinking of changing arrows consider this. They also have a darts shop and their own lines of darts and discounts where you get darts and membership in one purchase. I look forward to writing more about this!
    Checking out at: dartsperformancecentre.com
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    Well another bit of practice with skills assessment and I’m enjoying this as much as I do being on the forum here. The fellowship here is extremely important. The DPC is kinda like going to an instructor whereas our forum is like counseling from your friends. They do have an app that is part of the membership that handles the practice games and scores 501 games for you and keeps statistics. Paul is also available to answer questions. So in short I think that it’s a nice compliment to your darts progress. Become a member here...get some great advice and encouragement from a really good group of folks and then if you feel like you might want something more like instructor/student interaction check out DPC. That what I’ve done and I wouldn’t change a thing!
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    Hi David! Welcome to the forum! I hope you take the time to really explore SEWA since there is a wealth of information and advice to be had here. Plus a great group of members of many ability levels, product reviews and giveaways and so on. Cheers!

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