Darci Miller wins the Oregon Open!

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    In every dart players dreams I'm certain that's a sentence they want to hear! At least I know it's always been mine along with many players I know.

    "So and So wins the such-and-such Open!" Yes, that has a ring to it doesn't it?Well in just about two years of chucking pointy objects at 'bristle' boards on the wall, Darci made that dream come true. The competition was tough with some of the best lady soft tip players around and definitely some of the best steel tip lady talent to be found in the Northwest. However, Darci was able to overcome them all.

    It all started with her doubles partner not making the event, Darci was going to sit things out and just play the singles, but saw Kathy Boyne (sp?) had no partner either, so the two hooked up again (they'd played in the Oregon Open and the Truckee Meadows Open together before).

    In the final match before playing for the title I watched Darci throw 91 points per round in a stunning rally to take she and Kathy to the top! She simply wasn't giving up and blasted her way into a 1-1 tie with Janine and Naomi (both soft tip players and good ones at that). The 3rd leg decided things and both teams shot for the double but Darci and Kathy prevailed and headed for the Championship board.

    Playing for first would be tough because Angie Bosh and Patty Hearn (Hearn was second to Stacy Bromberg at the Camellia Classic this year) had designs on the win. However, once again Darci and Kathy wouldn't give in and tossed 70-80 points a throw each, for several throws! It was something else to see as they kept catching triples to keep them in the hunt! Then, in an amazing final shot Kathy missed her double ten, hit the triple 6 and clearly decided to end the battle as she shot her dart straight into the double one to take match 2-1!

    Darci and Kathy were a great team and it was Darci's first big win. Darci nearly sat the rest of the day out, she was quite happy as it were. But I'd convinced her to 'just have fun' and enjoy the shoot. Why not? After all, that's what we were there for.

    So, with that in mind Darci headed off to the Ladies singles and I began to hear reports from the grapevine that this Tri-Cities shooter was 2-0, then 3-0 and running undefeated in her flight! She finally took a loss but came out on top of her Round Robin Flight sheet to advance to the Top 4!

    She played a tough match with Patty Hearn that saw them both swap 85's back and forth, but Darci managed to take the final out and found herself once again on the Championship board!

    After a warm up, and a stiff drink, the match began. Darci was shooting against Naomi who'd shown she could hit Ton's galore earlier in the day, so the stress of playing her was certainly difficult to squelch, but what Darci didn't know is that Naomi felt the same way and came out shaking! Darci fired in some strong scores and Naomi was unable to find her stroke as Darci raced to a 1-0 lead right away. Then Naomi found her stroke and soon was 100 points ahead of Darci in the second leg, but perhaps the excitement was too much because she faltered on her doubles shot and Darci came racing back!

    They were both looking for a finish when Darci hit the winning double and took the match 2-0!

    There is nothing more gratifying then watching the one you love win something like this. It was amazing! In fact, I can't imagine it being any better if I'd won it myself.

    Great darts Darci! Great show!



Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, May 31, 2005.

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      Very impressive showing and congratulations. There will be many more I am sure.

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      Congratulations Darci!
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      Searched for this to share with someone who got to see some of the 'old' Darci in league last night :) She was hitting 4 mpr most of the night (until the end of the games then she'd drop off on the bull) and they were starting to wonder who the heck she was! LOL.....

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