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    Some guy is selling this custom cabinet in Taiwan. He's asking about $600 US bucks for the whole set, Dartslive board, cabinet, 22 inch BenQ monitor and Apple TV thingie which allows you to stream iphone or I guess iPad to the monitor. It's got small cheap stereo speakers on the face. It's made in typical local cheap cabinet style, using that crappy plastic veneer. But, it's a nice setup for a home board. The ad says that this setup is like playing at a pub on a real full size machine. 36980994_1618565984918677_4846689204182188032_n.jpg 37014558_1618566044918671_2369315152605478912_n.jpg 36978835_1618566108251998_1264173969460690944_n.jpg 36971774_1618566168251992_4883570449130192896_n.jpg 36941103_1618566208251988_248020432765059072_n.jpg Something like this for steel with a larger backboard and surround lighting system would be nice too. Put in better speakers. Under the backboard have some drawers to store darts supplies. Put it on casters, or have a board with casters that you slip under the cabinet when you want to wheel it around the house. This would also make it easy to level the board. And, I'd add recessed handles on both sides of the cabinet. Mount a laser oche in the cabinet so you never have to measure the oche. At the bottom of the cabinet where the step is, make that a box to hold a carpet that can rolled out for play, and then rolled back in for storage. Pull the rug out like a big tongue, and roll it back in using a recessed knob or turning handle. Oh yeah! This cabinet has lots of potential to be the ultimate dart unit. A huge plus for a unit like this is that is free standing, so there is no massive thump, thump, thump of darts hitting the wall and keeping people in the next room awake. Add plenty of sound dampening material in both the soft tip and steel versions. Rubber gaskets and fiberglass insulation. I'm pretty sure this one was designed with no sound dampening in mind.
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