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Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Erik, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Erik

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    Thought I'd toss out that I added a comment to this old thread.

    I've been thinking more and more about cricket strategy lately and felt like dredging this old article up ;)
  2. KopRalph11

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    I have always preferred to close and go. Points for me are something which occur. Even if I just close and go I'll often end up with 75 points or more. I don't mind playing pointers and I do believe its very much part of the game. I am not part of those whom can't stand pointing. I just point as needed. From my experience. I do play against mostly high pointers. I do believe its more advantages for myself to take away segments and corner them into making tough shots.
    I know if I am starting the chances are its always a race to close segments and no matter what I have 3 darts in the pocket. If I am throwing second. I will play whatever game my opponent starts out with and I will try to get ahead on segments first and then worry about the points. I find my opponents end up chasing segments and closing them more then i am worried about the points. It is a fine balance.
  3. CraigB

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    Why doesn't a 7-count (or even a 6-count) on the 19's beat a 5-count start on the 20's?

    (You said "only a 9-count".)
  4. Erik

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    Technically you can argue that a 6 count on the 19's would 'beat' a 5 count on the 20's because it scores more points (17) however my point is that your opponent only needs to hit a single 20 to take the lead in the game and presumably would do more.

    In actuality your opponent can hit the Single 20 to outscore you and hit a T19 to shut down your scoring number and doesn't even have to hit anything with his 3rd dart (no pressure now) to leave you having to hit at least 4 18's to overcome. If this plays out to the end of the game, all things being equal the 6 mark on the 19's loses you the game.

    So, to take the lead in the game (to beat the 5 mark) you must hit T19 to open the 19 for scoring, a T19 to beat the 40 points he scored and a T20 to prevent him from scoring on the 20 again.

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