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By Site_Admin on Oct 5, 2004 at 12:11 PM
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    Thanks to CraigB from I've been playing a new practice game lately called ‘Cricket Count Up’. It has helped my consistency in cricket, so I thought I would share this:

    Throw at each cricket number once (all three darts) count your marks and add them as you go (i.e. 20,19,18,17,16,15,Bull).

    The objective is up to you, but mine is to average 21 points per game, which would translate into 3mpr (21 / 7 segments = 3mpr) and to score a high of 35 or better. My current high is 28 (4mpr) and I've been averaging around 2.77mpr most sessions.

    I find the hardest thing for me in practice lately, is concentrating on what I am doing, so by incorporating different games I can usually keep my interest up long enough to make it worthwhile.



Discussion in 'Articles' started by Site_Admin, Oct 5, 2004.

    1. UsualChaos

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      This is one of my favorite practice games. It helps you practice your cricket while giving you a target to beat.
    2. SonOfSalmon

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      great practice game ive always used this game alone I call it the crick game and I play the same way you do my high is 30 but as long as I always get 21 and up im happy remember PRACTICE,CONCENTRATION,FOLLOW THROUGH, thats all darts is
    3. Drystan

      Drystan New Member

      Cricket needs to increase in all part of world. It&rsquo;s a really good game and increases <a href=""> paper smart</a> [] people. I&rsquo;ve been playing it for so long and have increased my writing speed and work also. Thank you for your time people.

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