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By site_admin on Jan 29, 2009 at 3:20 PM
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    The ADO has needed to change the way reginol points are handed out, in the past years regions have been allowed to combine and include large numbers of dart players, creating false point totals to winners, when I played regular I won most all the reginol tournaments, but would receive less points than winners in other area's, this would offset the true top players for the year.

    All winners should receive the same number of points, with a huge difference in regions, no player deserves more points for the same performance.


Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, Jan 29, 2009.

    1. ChadJohnson

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      Thanks for your input, like I said on the first thread, I am just pointing out the poor structure the ADO offers as a national ranking, I understand the reasoning behind it, getting more entrants is more money for the sport, winning was never difficult, just want to discuss how the point ranking system can be made more true.

      SLEEPYKRAMER New Member

      Well my biggest beef has always been the amount of points...period. When a player can win 4 regionals with 8 players only each time and earn a total combined point total of 196, when in 1985, the men's US #1 for the year ended the year with only 190 points.

      It seems to have become more of a token to be given away rather than something truly earned. Heck, I could win all 4 regionals in a year and be ranked one of the top 50 women in the US. Does that mean I really am one of the top 50 women players in the US right now? Hardly.

      Great conversation starter, Chad....just might end up being the most commented on article on SEWA soon!
    3. ChadJohnson

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      I first played in the ADO in 1978, recently from 1994-2000, while winning almost every reginol I noticed others were getting 120+ points more than I was for winning the same events, I agree, if the ADO wanted to have real rankings they would look at the broken system, not that being at the top is worth anything, it just puts a bullseye on your back.
    4. ChadJohnson

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      I would suggest that the ADO doesn't allow regions to combine the reginol shoots, for example, in the South east regions alot of times in the 1990's they combined and had 50-60 people shooting, sending 6-7 to the East-West Allstar shoot, forst would get 80 points, completely unfair to other players, as for singles, ihave played in $2000 that had 6 of the top 12 players in the Country involved, the ADO needs to follow more of the old PDC rules, 10 points was awarded for a win, having more bodies doesn't make the tournament more difficult, the same goes for reginol points, these should not count on the National schene anyway, a player in a region that is allowed to combine with 2 other area's gets an abnormal amount of points being handed out to players, they play the same amount of matches.
    5. chunky

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      > >I would suggest that the ADO doesn't allow

      > >regions to combine the reginol shoots

      So, referring back to one of my earlier posts, you hen think it's perfectly acceptable that a player (or players) is prohibited from competing in a Regional, just because there aren't enough other players to complete the field?

      I'm in a a very tough Region here, alongside Brad Wethington. Sure, we usually (but certainly not always) qualify, but what would happen if the others in our Region said that they weren't going to play Regionals if we were there? Do you think that is right?

      As I said, certainly in my Area, Regionals are not combined in order to accumulate points; they are used as a way to get players playing. We may not have enough women for our 6-2 Masters regional next month, so those two or three players who are eager to play WILL be allowed to play in a neighboring Region. There is nothing wrong in that when people want to play.

      I agree with what you are saying about the size of a tournament does not necessarily make it weaker or stronger, but the early PDC events consisted of a regular groups of the same players. That doesn't happen here. You can have five tournaments with the same prize money and and same amount of players, but with totally different players of totally different skill levels.

      I have also said that I feel that there are too many points awarded for Regional play. Personally, what I would like to see for the National Rankings is say, the best 20 sets of tournament points, and the best two Regional performances.

    6. ChadJohnson

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      Reginol points are still used to determine overall ranking of players, in the 1990's when I played regularly this was a problem, certain players received between 80-120 more points per year, not based on skill, just on the size of the field, many times over a 4 year period my region only had 12-14 men shooting, most of the time only one person advanced , sometimes two, our region was very tough and players wouldn't sign up to participate, I was awarded far less points overall but had to perform at a very high level, when 4-5 players advance to the Nationals its alot easier. I would also say allowing reginol points to count as national points is rediculous, it creates a false ranking for the national team, when finishing 7th one year idid some research and found the players that were allowed to shoot in regions that were combined with 1 or 2 other regions, these players were awarded so many more points fro the same or lessor performance, try playing a 10 man round robin where only one person survives, then play a 100 man round robin where 10 survive, the better player as an easier time of it with more entries, the ADO rewards the easier time with more points.

      Tournament points should be awarded accordingly, players bracketts should be seeded, its crazy to draw bracketts and have the #2 player play the #3 player in the first round, then have 2 guys that are C players make top 8, many times in the 1990's all of us top players were drawn against each other in the early rounds, it mattered not to me, I won my share of singles but it really throws off any type of clear ranking system. I would put myself top 5 atleast in any year as a singles player, I played far less tournaments then some, thats my fault but the regional system should NOT count toward national ranking, its flawed
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      In ADO Region 1-2 we used to get 8 players most times with the occasional time we'd get 10-12.

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