Cabin Fever

Discussion in 'Just Sayin' started by BlackHorse, Sep 18, 2011.

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    You may have read here, and on Facebook, about the cabin the Erik the Commandant and his minions have been building. As it has newer and better stuff than my house, I balk at the term "cabin", but that's an issue for another day.

    While I applaud Erik's skills, determination, foresight, ingenuity and industriousness, I cannot help but look into the future and wonder what will become of Erik once the main projects are all finished ..... in no particular order, I offer you several probable outcomes I foresee ...

    - he forms a 'Marine' unit out of the local badgers, beavers and coyotes.

    - he turns into a copy of the Woody Harrelson character in the movie '2012'.

    - he can't stop building and makes a full subdivision of 'cabins'.

    - he prints his own money for his community and then tells them at length why he can't do that.

    - he upgrades the 'cabin' until it is too good for him to live in and he takes up residence in a thicket - he refuses to call it a "bush".

    - he continually wonders why none of his friends came to join him, forgetting that the only directions he gave them were, "just keep going to the Right".

    - he teaches raccoons how to throw darts. He names the worst one "Paul".

    - he builds a community bartering currency backed by turnips and ACT packets.

    - he finally takes Thermonuclear Cricket too far and nukes his acreage... but the veggies are now HUGE!

    - he begins a massive venture to build a fence around the entire perimeter of his land, spreading caltrops as he goes. He is overheard to mutter repeatedly, "we'll be alright as long as we keep BlackHorse out, we'll be alright as long as we keep BlackHorse out, ..."
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    LMAO that's where did I put my shotgun!?

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