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Discussion in 'Youth Darters Forum' started by Tom, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Hi guys, would be interested to hear how your careers have developed the last 2 years that the youth forum has been pretty much inactive.

    I don't play very often now, only playing once a week during the winter. My youth darts have stopped altogether. Outside of darts, college is going well and happy atm.

    One thing to add, beat Adrian Lewis in an exibition match, and although he gave me a 200 head start, I was one of the only few to beat him that night! He also took out 104, double2, bull, bull. But that's easy :wink:
  2. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I should get Kurt to pop in here -- last I heard he took Victoria by storm winning every leg on his first night of league. He's 19 now so can play in the pub there :)

    Kids kickin' some serious rear behind!
  3. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Well since Steven don't come inhere often, I will post, his darts ate still great,, he became legion provincial champion this last may, he finished 3rd in darts Ontario provincials,singles and placed second in doubles.
    He's now playing the adult league each Monday, and just yesterday lost his first leg of the season (were 6 weeks into the season)
    So needless to say, since Cosmo jumped on board and sponsored him as a product player, his darts have only went up!

    My youth kefir has started out this season very well, signing up 25 players, surprisingly, 10 of them are females, most we've ever had!
    Kids are preparing for tourneys coming up shortly, and improving well!

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