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    It’s that time of the year, and we are accepting requests for BDO Ranking for 2019. Usually, the cutoff date for applications is October 1st, but we are having to bring things forward this year to September 15. Many apologies.
    BDO ranking gives American players the opportunity to appear in the BDO World Rankings, with one male player guaranteed to qualify (others may also qualify) for the Lakeside World Championship. In addition, the winner of each sanctioned 501 singles (men and women) receives an invitation to compete (at their own expense) in the World Masters, and the Lakeside World Championship playoffs.
    I realize that some of you may not already have things finalized for next year’s tournaments, so please just let me have what you know (dates/tentative dates, and projected payouts for the Men’s and Women’s 501 singles. If there are changes in dates and/or payouts between now and the tournaments, that is not a problem. The main thing is getting the applications in.
    So, just a reminder:
    BDO ranking is for 501 singles only (men and women)
    There are no fees/surcharges associated with BDO ranking
    Minimum event purses required are:
    Men Category D – $1,334 (paying to T16 minimum)
    Men Category C – $4,000 (paying to T32 minimum)
    Women Category D – $667 (paying to T8 minimum)
    Women Category C – $1,334 (paying to T8 minimum)


    1. Playing formats for all Qualifying Events shall be at the organizers discretion, but shall be a minimum of the best of 5 (501) legs for all rounds up to the last 64 of the Men’s Events and to the last 16 of the Women’s Events.
    2. The format from the last 64 in the Men’s Events and from the last 16 in the Women’s Events shall be a minimum of the best of 7 (501) legs.

    Order of Play

    1. A bull throw shall determine the order of play in each match. The throwing order for the Bull throw shall be determined at the control desk or at the match board by a draw or the toss of a coin.
    2. The winner of the bull throw shall throw first in the match and all subsequent “odd numbered legs” which will also include the “tie-breaker” leg if required. There is no bull for the deciding leg.

    Seeding is mandatory
    1-64 entries will seed top 4 players
    65-128 entries will seed top 8 players
    129-256 entries will seed top 16 players
    257+ entries will seed top 32 players

    Again, dates and projected payouts are fine. Please submit your applications ASAP via this link:

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