Antique darts

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by VanO, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. VanO

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    Played around a bit and tossed a few turns with these beauties. They were from my father in law. Unicorn Tom Barrett. Almost 30 grams with wooden shaft and real feathers! If the points were longer I think they’d have been sticking in the wall behind he board and cabinet
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    Don't laugh! I started playing with Brass Darts! 42G!!!! man those things were monsters! ahhhh a lifetime ago!
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  3. VanO

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    06BD3B89-D268-43D5-92E2-3BA7838F47A3.jpeg Tossed a few with the older beauties today. These were the first darts I called my own. Accudart brand. Originally suited up they were like 19 grams but since they are 1/4 inch I have to use add a grams to adapt to 2ba. They wa these are they are like 23 gram. Still fly true though.
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