ALMOST!!!!! *Arrgghh!* So close...

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by CraigB, Apr 16, 2020.

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    Nothing new, I haven't been playing much for the last couple of years, but I've been getting a lot more phone calls from friends and relatives lately who are stuck at home so I've been tossing a few while talking.

    After hanging up last night I threw a few practice games and started a 501 leg with 180, 171 then (because, reasons...) got the first DB before throwing dart #8 about 4" to the left - LOL...

    Oh well, 41 years of trying, I guess it will take a few more before I finally hit dart #8! Note that this is only the second time I've hit dart #7; the first was against John Witted, Jr. at an Ultimate Challenge in Las Vegas in 1986!

    What was weird is that I hadn't shown much of anything to indicate I was getting closer, it just sort of happened. Still made my day though! :D

    (Side-note, unlike the first time, where I went 180, 180, T20 then hit a single 19 and finished with T10, D16 for a nice 10 darter, after my wild miss into the S11, it was a bunch of darts later that I finally finished - figures!o_O:oops:)
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    I can only wish. Best I’ve done is try to match a Ted Hankey video I saw. He played 2 or maybe three games identical to the other. 140,140,140 T19, d12. I think I’ve gotten the first 7 darts and then it was spaz into the 12 or something!
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    Heh, that reminds me of a time when I was playing in a AAA money league down near Huntington Beach, California (one VERY tough league! I think there were 12 of us, but that included Paul Lim and John Kramer - both who were #1 in the U.S. around that time!).

    I guess everyone has SOMEONE who just seems to have your number and, for me, it was a guy named Nick Spare. I have no idea how many events I lost because of him (and he wasn't nearly the top shots in the area)! I was playing him in the above-mentioned league and I was really in the zone. I started the first leg with 140, 81, 140 to leave 140. My first dart was a T20, but the second was a S20, so I threw my third dart really high (to leave 40), but it somehow dropped down right into the T20 for a bust... I set up an out on my next turn, but he took it out before I could shoot again. On to leg two... I start this one with 140, 140, 140 (which is why your post reminded me of this), then went T19, S12, D10... Back-to-back 12-dart BUSTS!!! Oh, and yep, I lost that leg too! :rolleyes:

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