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    I visited the One80 booth at the Taiwan open last weekend and bought a set of the 2018 range, Alex Reyes soft tip, blue, No. 5 darts. reyes darts.jpg The pack includes two sets of standard flights, and two sets of shafts. Polycarbonate and aluminum. dart pack.jpg The booth was manned by Lucas Liang, the One80 Asia Pacific Region sales manager. Lucas.jpg

    I hadn't planned on buying any darts, but luckily these darts caught my eye and I just couldn't resist buying them. I've had a couple of chances to talk with Alex when he's visited Taiwan and in addition to being a super dart player, he is a truly nice guy. I'm very happy to have got the chance to get a set of his signature darts. reyes.jpg I was so impressed with these darts and having such a good time at the tournament that I forgot to try to bargain with Lucas. Fortunately, he gave me a fantastic tournament price and some goodies. First, my purchase also included the demo dart of my Alex Reyes model. I got four darts for the price of three! This is the first time I've ever had a set of four darts. In addition, all soft tip darts purchases included a set of One80dart Reflex 2BA steel adapter points.

    I love these darts. I'm a rear gripper, and they suit my grip and throw well. Sometimes simpler is better, and I love the minimal machine work. I like a clean looking dart, and apart from the cuts done on the nose of these darts, the design is quite basic. The bluing is also quite attractive. The pictures online and in the brochure do not do the darts justice. They are much more beautiful in hand.

    The following picture shows from top to bottom, my 17.8gm Japanese Target Zener No. 5, the Alex Reyes No. 5, and my classic LaserDarts 22gm Custom Competition. compare three.jpg The One80 darts have not been polished out like the Target darts, so they still have a very, very fine milled feel. The Targets are highly polished like a lot of Japanese darts, and the grooves when new really bit into my skin. The grooves on the Alex Reyes also have a good sharp bite. The LaserDarts are a few mm. longer than the 50mm Alex Reyes, but the big difference between the two is that the Alex Reyes darts are much thinner with a nice front taper, but not an extreme taper like on the Zener. The No. 5 threading allows for a thinner front end than 2BA darts. The front of the barrels beyond the taper is noticeably wider than the rear of the darts. I inserted soft tip points into the barrels of the Zener 42.5mm and the Alex Reyes 50mm to see how much they were drilled out. drilled out.jpg The Alex Reyes have much more mass at the front end of the darts. I weighed these darts on two scales. One scale rounded to the nearest gram and the Alex Reyes were 18gm each. I then weighed them on a scale set to a Chinese measure of weight and my darts weighed .4772, .4756, .4782, and .4780. I did some quick math and basically they all weigh within a tenth of a gram.

    The flight characteristics of the Alex Reyes are more similar to my LaserDarts than the soft tip darts I've been using. The shorter Target Zeners and my old Unicorn John Part soft tips flew very nicely with cut down flights and short shafts. I need to use regular flights to stabilize my Alex Reyes.

    To sum up, my One80 darts are beautiful and best of all, fly well for me.
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    Another great review! Thanks

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