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Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Barry_French, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Barry_French

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    Hi guys, I am trying to put as much pressure on myself as I can in practise to replicate the extra tension you feel in a match (bear in mind I don't really drink alcohol :) ).

    All of the SEWA practise games are great but I wanted to do an '01 practise game and I wanted to see if this is maybe too easy for some of you.

    Any feedback would be appreciated - here goes;

    You play 5 legs of 501. You total how many points you scored in the leg. The twist - if you score under 60 then you lose the leg and start your next one.

    An example game;

    LEG 1

    41 – 460. So you write down 41 then play leg 2

    LEG 2

    40 – 461. So you write down 40 then play leg 3

    LEG 3

    125 – 376
    60 – 316
    85 – 231
    64 – 167
    127 – 40
    35 – 5. So you write down 496 then play leg 4

    LEG 4

    125 – 376
    59 – 317. So you write down 184 then play leg 5.

    LEG 5

    180 – 321
    140 – 181
    165 – 16
    16 – 0! Write down 501!

    Add up your scores together. In this example you will have scored 1262.

    This will put pressure on that last dart if you don’t score well, but encourage you to keep throwing well should you get that T20 first dart.

    This game doesn’t give much room for error on T20 but if block T20 first dart and don’t hit T19 with you 2nd then going for bull and hitting it will either get 64 or 89 points which means you can carry on.

    The pros may well finish this game with 2505 so I may have to make the game more difficult for them by not being able to score a minimum of 85 points per turn but if you can play the game as it is, any scores would be appreciated. 

  2. Barry_French

    Barry_French New Member

    So a few have seen this but not responded. Does that mean the game is a waste of time? Do people think it is too difficult?

    Any feedback would be great please - I dont want to incorporate a practise routine that isn't efficient.

  3. KopRalph11

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    Ill have to give it a try this thursday Baz.

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