25g Weight limit???

Discussion in 'Soft tip/Electronic Leagues' started by KopRalph11, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. KopRalph11

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    So I was reading the Soft Tip Dart rules and I came across this interesting thing for the Soft Tip Worlds regulations. The rules state a 25g limit. One of the reasons I have shyed away from soft tip was because I had always thought the limit was 20g with many requiring an 18g.
    Arachnid Bullshooter events are 18 gms. Medalist events are 20 gms is the info I could find. Can someone shed light on this.

    If its true I will get one of my sets for my next order to be made with a soft tip.
  2. Erik

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    Yes, I'd like to hear too!

    I've been working on a 20g SEWA but really would prefer a heavier dart
  3. CraigB

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    I only use 84g darts with 3" steel tips when I play on a soft-tip machine. :twisted:
  4. coulomp

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    Everything you have said is to the best of my knowledge to be true. All leagues around here follow bull shooter and we can only use up to 18. Looking into playing the world the limit is up to 25 grams. I have no information about medalist. All I know is different manufactures for different boards and league’s let you use a different weight and there is no standard unless you only play in one league . With that said the only darts I shoot are 18 so I don’t have to worry about it in any circumstance
  5. jamminmoor

    jamminmoor New Member

    It seems every company or League has there own idea of weights that can be thrown. Don't bother me since I throw light darts anyways.

    Be nice to see a universal weight
  6. habanerojooz

    habanerojooz New Member

    THE WORLD and AMERICA'S TOUR - both on Dartslive machines, both 25gm limit

    Bullshooter Tour - on Arachnid machines, 18gm limit

    NDA League - on multiple sanctioned machines, 18gm limit but local standards and tournaments may vary

    ADA League - also on multiple sanctioned machines, 18gm limit

    IDF - I've seen 18gm limit in the EU rules, but IDF was played on Dartslive in Shanghai last year and that was a 25gm limit, so I guess it varies based on the local event regulations

    Takeaway...play with 18gm and you can play anywhere. If you want heavier than 18gm, play on Dartslive machines.
  7. Crash336

    Crash336 New Member

    Phoenix has a 25g limit as well,

    Interesting note, Heavy darts do not cause any issue with my Older GalaxyII board. I believe the rules were made due to the poor tips used in the 90's, they simply could not take a heavy barrel without snaping. A shame since the early model soft tip darts gave many steel tip players a bad first impression.
  8. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I'm hoping to see a 22g set of soft tips (SEWA's) in the near future and of course, hoping I can use them but lately played at home with my 18g's and steel tips (that I dug out of a box they were probably in since the late 80's LOL) and was pretty happy with them.
  9. Jeff_MacIntosh

    Jeff_MacIntosh New Member

    This is something I heard a long time ago. I don't recall the source so bear with me...

    One of the things about soft tip that set it apart was the larger target in lieu of a lighter dart that was more difficult to throw in an aerodynamic sense. There is a big difference in "feel" between an 18 or 20 gram dart and a 25 gram dart...after all we are talking about 25% difference in weight. If you had the ability to use such a heavy dart, it would be almost too easy to score on a 15" target.

    That said, in Europe, many leagues and tournaments use the 13" target which is on the flip side of the G3 board. You can flip a lever and use either target, even between turns as a form of casual handicapping.

    3 weeks ago, the NDA did officially announce it was moving up to 20 grams as the new limit, giving local operators the latitude to follow suit or stay with the current 18 gram limit.

    I would be of the belief that Arachnid would move towards recommending the use of the new 13" target if the weights go into the 25 gram range. Other wise the level of feel that is possible would be almost impossible to miss on a 15" target.
  10. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I'm playing with an 8g dart now and am starting to think I can throw it every bit as well as the 24's I normally use. Not sure yet, but suspect it may not be much different but I am interested in the science and wonder if there is something to that.


    A lot of it has to do with the manufacturing of the board and the segments and sensors. Obviously over the years, the technology has been upgraded and the newer boards coming out for DARTSLIVE and Phoenix are able to withstand the use of heavier darts. I was told that using the heavier darts on the old Arachnid boards would cause the plastic in the segments to crack and break.

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