20s and single dart at doubles practice.

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    This is a practice game new to me that I have been playing recently and I am finding it beneficial...

    The player throws their first 2 darts at treble 20 aiming to hit it twice, however one treble 20 will also do and so in fact will two single 20s.
    If you do hit either 2 trebles one treble or two single 20s then you throw your third dart at double 1 and if you hit it then you move on and you throw the next two darts at treble 20 and your third dart at double 2 and so on until finishing with 2 darts thrown at treble 20 and then the bull.
    If you fail to hit the minimum of 2 20s with your first 2 darts then throw the 3rd dart at treble 20 really trying to hit it, this does not move you forwards but it will focus your concentration to save your throw in a real match situation.

    I find that this is a great way of simulating a match situation with one dart at the double while practicing scoring and keeping the first 2 darts straight at the 20. See how long it takes you to get all the way around the board and finish with the bull.
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    Yeah! Good game! I read this somewhere I think a few months ago or a variation maybe. I think it may have been called “frustration.” As I recall the first 2 darts don’t have to be at the 20 wedge but one has to hit a scoring triple in order to shoot at the double. A bit beyond my means right now cause I could not imagine taking out anything higher than 100 with 3 darts. I hope I get there though.
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    Try it and stick with it, play it as often as possible and you will be surprised by what you can achieve when you focus and concentrate. Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.
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