2019 Lakeside World Championship – Day One

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    On an enthralling opening day at Lakeside, there were some fantastic darts, a major shock, and disappointment for American hopes…

    After top-seeded Mark McGeeney kicked off the tournament with a tidy 3-1 defeat of Derk Telnekes, New York’s Jim Widmayer took to the stage. It really didn’t take long for Jimmy to edge ahead of Nigel Heydon. In an evenly matched first set, the first four legs went with the throw. The Englishman had the darts, but Widmayer’s powerful scoring gave him the first shot at an out. He failed to convert the required 72, but made no mistake with his next shot at 6.

    Three legs later it was 2-0 in sets. A nice trio of 14, 15, and 16 darts left Jim firmly in control. Heydon bounced back to close the gap with a three leg third set. Having the darts in the fourth set, Jim was still in a strong position, but his opponent immediately broke serve with a fine check from 120. A miss from 64 allowed Heydon to extend his lead., and an 18-darter made it 2-2 in sets.

    Heydon was now a man on a mission, and he needed just three legs to send Jim packing.

    Elsewhere, Wesley Harms got the better of Tony O’Shea, and the experienced Paul Hogan saw off the efforts of an out-of-sorts Wes Newton. The biggest story of the day, however, was the shock defeat of four-time women’s World Champ Lisa Ashton. Lisa never hit any kind of form, and slumped to a 2-0 loss against Japanese qualifier Mikuru Suzuki.

    Here are the complete first round draws.

    (1) Mark McGeeney bt Derk Telnekes
    Conan Whitehead bt (16) Martin Phillips
    (8) Richard Veenstra vs Nigel Heydon
    (9) Scott Waites vs Jeffrey van Egdom
    (5) Michael Unterbuchner vs Justin Thompson
    (12) Wayne Warren vs Mark Layton
    (4) Wesley Harms bt Tony O’Shea
    (13) Willem Mandigers vs Paul Hogan
    (3) Jim Williams vs Roger Janssen/Wouter Vaes
    (14) Daniel Day vs Dean Reynolds
    (6) Scott Mitchell vs Oliver Ferenc/Ryan Hogarth
    (11) Dave Parletti vs Brian Lokken/Krzysztof Kciuk
    (7) Gary Robson vs David Cameron/Andy Hamilton
    (10) Chris Landman vs Kyle McKinstry
    (2) Glen Durrant vs Mark McGrath/Adam Smith-Neale
    (15) Ross Montgomery vs Scott Baker

    (1) Lorraine Winstanley vs Casey Gallagher
    (8) Trina Gulliver MBE vs Karolina Podgorska
    (4) Anastasia Dobromyslova vs Laura Turner
    (5) Aileen de Graaf vs Paula Jacklin
    (3) Deta Hedman vs Maria O’Brien
    (6) Fallon Sherrock vs Corrine Hammond
    Mikuru Suzuki bt (2) Lisa Ashton
    (7) Sharon Prins bt Roz Bulmer

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  2. bulldozer

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    Suzuki could well win the far weaker 2019 womens darts world title as there is little to no strength in depth in this division. Any lady that can hold around an 80 average for a few short legs will be dominant here.

    Suzuki averaged 78.10 for set 1 and Ashton who normally averages around the 80 mark averaged 69.66 but that was only set 1 and both were nervy. Set 2 was better from both Ladies, as the newcomer from Japan (who normally plays soft tip darts) upped her average for this set to an impressive 90.99 while Ashton also bettered her normal average of 80 at a very respectable 86.73. For the overall match Suzuki averaged 84.54 which is better than the rest of the ladies left in this contest normally average and Ashton averaged 78.19 a fraction under her normal match average.

    Suzuki the newcomer must not be taken lightly playing against ladies only and both her set averages in this match are more than good enough to win this 2019 ladies BDO affair if she can keep reproducing this. She is already at a disadvantage as she has travelled to the UK and must feel a little uncomfortable away from Japan in different surroundings and she has a very smooth throwing action, so good luck to her.

    I for one hope she wins it and drags ladies darts standard up a little, as it is miles behind what the men are doing and darts is a gender neutral sport.
    These Ladies from Japan, that play mostly soft tip darts may well begin to come over to Europe in droves when they realise the lack of strength in depth from the European ladies steel tip division, who it seems are resting on their laurels and not putting the hard practice in, time will tell.
  3. bulldozer

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    Day 2 in the Ladies only competition I wanted Deta Hedman to win this but she and her opponent Maria Obrien were both very poor, the winner Obrien averaged around 70 which is less than good pub league darts and poor Deta could never get going and averaged an even worse 67 ish,
    There ladies are experienced darters and should be doing far better as they all know when the world championship for ladies dart players is and they should be going there preparing properly and playing their best darts.

    The Japanese Girl from soft tip darts " The miracle" Mikuru Suzuki that beat Lisa Ashton has so far set the standard in the ladies competition but darts is a gender neutral sport like snooker and there is no need for a separate ladies world championship.
    The PDC have only one darts championship and it is open to both genders and if you are good enough then you qualify fair and square with no hand outs or leg ups and you play for decent prize money. Until this year for publicity they allowed 2 ladies in to the contest that only qualified against other ladies and they cheated 2 better players out of 7,500 gbp for playing there.

    The only way that the ladies will get better at darts (or more consistent) is by competing against better players on the gender neutral darts circuit and qualifying fairly and squarely and having a ladies only BDO world championship or ladies only qualifying for PDC events etc is holding them back.

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